The carnival court is driven through the village during 2016’s event

Fayre ‘fee’ is only way to save event

THERE will be a small entrance charge to this year’s Bearsted & ThurnhamCarnival and Fayre. Themove is in linewith current li-

censing policy at Maidstone Bor- ough Council and avoids stalls being charged £30 each. The green will be fenced off with

stamps issued to allowattendees to come and go as theywish. Anyone who has bought a pro-

gramme for the event on June 30 will be admittedwithout adonation, while other visitorswill be asked to make a coin contribution on theday. Allproceeds go to local goodcauses. Carnival organiser June Wilkins

toldDownsMail that thedecision to make the charge and erect a barrier around The Greenwasmade reluc- tantly in order that the event can be staged this year. She said: “We hope everyone un-

derstands that this was not our choice, but at such short notice it is the onlyway thatwe can proceed.” A joint statement by Bearsted

Parish Council and Bearsted and ThurnhamFayre said: “LocalMaid- stone (borough) councillors will be making a case for future events to resolve this licensingmatter.” More than 100 stalls are expected

on the day. The event’s Facebook page states: “The charitywe are sup- porting this year is our local Girl Guiding group. “With over 100 girls and leaders

eachweekusingthehut, itneedsa lot of TLC. They havemany renovation projects to do to at their hut on the Church Landway. “These include replacing rotten

window frames, painting of the in- sideof thehutandthe re-feltingof the roof. “So who is up for another great

Fayre and Carnival? Just fingers crossed for the sun now! “If you would like to be involved

with the fayre please contact the rel- evant person via the fayre website contact page or call us on our fayre mobile on 07724 553121.”

Vandals strip tree of bark

A GROUP of “wanton” teenage vandals stripped bark froma tree andset it alight, condemning it to death, awalker has claimed. Over the May bank holiday

weekend, the youths carved the outer skin from one of the trees and then set a fire in the wood- land off Spot Lane. The blazewas spotted before it

damaged any other trees, but Kent Fire & Rescue Service has issueda strongwarning about an- tisocial behaviour. Aconcernedlocalwoman,who

asked not to be named, said: “It seems to be the same group of teenagerswho are always causing problems there. It iswanton van- dalism. That tree is going to die, no doubt about it.” The blaze was put out quickly

preventing its spread. Kent Fire & Rescue Service

spokesman Rob Groombridge said: “Outdoor fires can spread easily, especially in dry condi- tions, posing a serious threat to lives, property andwildlife. “Parents can help us by re-

minding their children about the potentially serious consequences that could result from starting a fire deliberately.” Kent Police said: “We’re aware

of a report that teenagers built a fire and damaged trees in wood- landnearSpotLane,Maidstone.” A spokesman for Maidstone

Borough Council said: “We urge anyonewhowitnesses this sort of behaviour to contactpolice on101 andthe council atparksandopen-”

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