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CHAIRMAN: BobHinderCLERK: Pauline BowderyASSTCLERK:Melanie Fooks ParishOffice, BeechenHall,Wildfell Close,Walderslade,ME5 9RU

Tel: 01634 861237 email: Website: Contact details for parish councillors can be obtained fromthe parish office, the Useful Contact Details leaflet or the website Parish takes overwoodland site

ASECTIONofwoodlandwhich has village green status is to be taken over by the council. The news comes afterMaidstone

Borough Council granted planning permission for nine dwellings on land next to Wildfell Close in Walderslade, subject to conditions. The land owned by Kent County

Councilwill be sold and the profits fromthe sale and ownership of the 32 hectares of ancient woodland will then be passed to the parish council. From there, they will set up a

charitable trust to take over the management of thewoodlands. Cllr Ivor Davies and Rob Bur- rows, who is the chairman of the

Three names formemorial

THE parish council has agreed to have three additional names added to thewarmemorial in Boxley. A side panel will be inscribed

with 1914-1918 RSV Hadlow and TWSales, 1939-1945 F Dennis. The parish council considered

other names submitted by a local historian but choose to only allow the addition of names of people who had lived within the parish boundary during or at the start of the twowars. Estates Committee chairman Vic

Davies said: “It is an honour to be able to add the three names to the memorial. Members thought long and hard about the names submit- ted and whilst all the men de- served recognition, it was decided that as the warmemorial was paid for by local people it should reflect the local sacrificesmade.” The parish council also plans to

erect a commemorative plaque to mark the end ofWWI. Three years ago, the parish coun-

cil planted two trees at Grove Green, an English oak and a linden tree commonly found in Germany, and a stone plinth with a suitable dedicationwill be unveiled. The current plaque at the war

memorial, commemorating the start of WW1, will now be placed on a stone plinth.

28 Maidstone East July 2018 MaureenWaller with Cllr Bob Hinder Vic picks up community award

A PILLAR of society in Boxley has been awarded this year’s Kent Associa- tion of Local Councils Community Award by the parish council. Vic Davies was nominated for his outstanding contribution not just to

the parish council, but also to St John’s School, Grove Green Community Association and Vinters Valley Park Trust. He is picturedwith the awardwhichwas presented by last year’swinner

Monty Knight-Olds and parish council chairman Bob Hinder. Cllr Hinder said: “A parish council can only nominate one person each

year for the award. It was a real pleasure to present it to Vic who has worked tirelessly for the community.”

Walderslade Woodlands Group, both spoke at the planningmeeting. Parish council chairman BobHin-

der said: “In 2007, a community consultation clearly identified that localpeoplewantedthelandinparish council ownership and made into a village green. “We obtained the latter, but the

ownership has taken much longer than anyone anticipated. “There is a lot of hardwork ahead,

but the 25-year management plan produced by the parish council in- cludes improved access, some small scaleplayprovisionandmoreoppor-

tunities to enhance the wildlife habitat.” The parish council chose to work

with the county council as,without the enabling funds from the devel- opment, the parish council could not have afforded to take over the woodswithout amassive impact on the precept paid by residents. Cllr Hinder added: “The wood-

lands need a lot ofmoney spent on them, and for the past 20 years the parish council has supported a vol- unteer groupwhose hardwork has kept paths cleared and created new wildlife habitats.

“But the long-term needs of the

woods and local residents require a large influx of funds and small-scale development was the only way to achieve this.” The parish council is working

with KCC to ensure the MBC con- ditions and all legal documents are in place. A working group of councillors

and volunteers will be set up to manage the project through to the setting up of a Charitable Incorpo- rated Organisation which will then take over a long term lease of the woods fromthe parish council.

Flooding issues

THE parish council’s Environment Committee learned that the recent deluge of rain caused flooding in a number of properties in Boxley village andWalderslade. Local roads inWaldersladewere

also flooded, with some cars stranded in deepwater. Councillors have decided to take

up the issue with the Maidstone Joint Transport Board as the areas have had no remedial work to try to resolve the issues. Environment Committee Chair-

man Wendy Hinder said: “Whilst the flooding may not be as mas- sive as that experienced by prop- erties on the river, it is equally upsetting for anyonewhose prop- erty is damaged by floodwater. “Large areas ofwatermean resi-

dents can’t leave their homes and cause huge problems for pedestri- ans.”

Councillors stand down

MAUREENWALLER said farewell to the parish council at the annual meeting after 26 years of service. Previously the landlady of The

Yew Tree public house, she origi- nally stood for a vacancy at the suggestion of one of her customers. Also retiring fromservice on the council is Pat Brooks, who had

been a councillor for 25 years, orig- inally standing when the Channel Tunnel Rail Linkwas proposed. Cllr Bob Hinder said: “Maureen

and Pat have given sterlingwork to the community over the many years they have served. Their wealth of information and experi- encewill be greatlymissed.”

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