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Chairman Robert Turnerwas elected as chairman of the parish council and Ron Galtonwas elected as vice-chairman. LivertonHill Therewere ongoing problems with potholes andwater. The clerkwould contact KCC again. HGVsign CllrAllumreported that the fallen sign had nowbeen erected again. Risk assessment The council’s risk assessmentmatrixwas reviewed and itwas agreed to add the risk of trees on the village green injuring the public. Quinn donation The council discussed a suggestion to give half of themoney to one ormore projects and the other half set aside with a nominal spend for the upkeep of the village. Speed indicatorswere another idea. Itwas agreed to support the suggestion fromPla�sHeath School, for £2,500 to be spent on books for the library, a freshen-up of the building and a bundle of iPads or Kindles for independent learning. GDPR Themeeting noted the government amendment to exclude parish councils from the requirement to appoint a data protection officer. The clerkwould contactHugo Fox about privacy notices on thewebsite.


Police briefing PCSOAdlington said PCSO numbers had risen and itwas hoped to create a rural task team. There had been a break-in atAbbo�s Court Farm– newgates and CCTV had been installed. Fly-tipping had been an issue in Boxleyward. Playing fieldNothing had been heard from Savills about the newlease. The clerkwould chase this up. The grass had still not been cut despite chasing the contractor.A resident offered to carry out an interimcut. Play equipment The zipwire had been chained up but on inspection Cllr Bowring and CllrMerrick found the risk to be acceptable. Therewas lots ofwear and tear on the log and chain. The play inspector had given verbal advice that the risk on the zip wirewasminimal. Itwas agreed to get this inwriting and leave the zipwire chained up in themeantime. Itwas agreed to get quotes to replace the chains and logs. Tree survey The survey raised a number of issueswhich should be dealtwithwithin threemonths. They included the removal of limbs on a dead ash and the removal of ivy and a limb on a horse chestnut. Itwas agreed that the ivy could be done as part of the next village tidy-up day and to get quotes for the remainingwork. Byway The resurfacingwas nowcomplete. The funding came fromthe Public Rights of Way, not KCCHighways, so could not have been used for potholes instead.


Council roles Cllr Bowiewas elected as chairman,with Cllr Clayton as vice- chairman. Pavement parkingAresidentwas concerned about vehicles parking on the pavement inHockers Lane. The clerkwould raise thiswith PCSOAdlington. Community shop Cllr Finn explained that the Community ShopGroupwas expecting

34 Maidstone East July 2018

to be gifted a hut for the shop, and once this was confirmed, planning permissionwould be submi�ed and a business planwould be formalised.AKCCGrantsOfficer had approved a preapplication for £24,000 and the Kent Community Foundationmay give a £3,000 grant and a £10,000 loan. Flintwall The clerk informedmembers that the flintwallwas the responsibility of the parish council and adjacent property owners. Itwas agreed that the council shouldmeetwith the residents responsible to discuss themaintenance of thewall. HorishWood The clerk had tried to contact AlisonWainman fromKentWoodland Employment Scheme regarding the WoodlandGrant Scheme as evidence of the work undertaken atHorishWood needed to be submi�edwith the claim. Itwas noted that the requiredwork for the grant had not been carried out. The clerkwould email Alison to seek an update on thework in relation to themanagement plan. Playing field Cllr Zammit reported on the public consultation regarding new equipment at theOld School Playing Field. The interest fromthe publicwas for a climbing frame and a slide, but itwas agreed itwould be placed further away fromthe properties. Three suppliers had provided quotes and Cllr Zammit had contacted themabout taking out the roundabout and for a climbing frame, slide, disability swing and activity board. Cllr Zammit and Cllr Finnwere subsequently given delegated powers to appoint a contractor. The benches in the playing field were damaged. Thesewould be inspected by Tony Taylor and hewould report back. MonksMeadowThe clerkwas to seek a quotation fromcontractor StevenWaring for the grass cu�ing atMonksMeadow. Maintenance Cllr Finn suggested that the council consider furthermaintenance in the village, such as li�er picking, and itwas agreed to discuss this at the resources meeting. Tony Taylor reported that the HighwaysDivision signs had been removed fromthe village and drainswere blocked outside the village hall and old school. The clerkwas to report this to KCC. Data Protection The clerk circulated information, policies and consent forms for reviewand adoption. Itwas agreed that the clerkwould be appointed as data protection officer for the council. Projector Cllr Bowie asked for approval to buy amedia projector for the council to use atmeetings, stating that thiswould reduce the council’s paper usage. Thiswas agreed.


Crime report There had been criminal damage inWillowRise – awindowhad been smashed on a vehicle in a parking bay. Drains The drain at CheviotGardenswas blocked. Cllr Butlerwas to check. Flooding The flooding atMallardsWay on April 30 had been exceptional. This demonstrated the need for an emergency plan to be readdressed. Flood signage had been provided by KCC. The clerkwould request ameetingwith the Environment Agency and KCC to discuss flood defences. Display board Cllr Rajaratnamwas to carry out research based on a brief provided by

CllrsGreenhead andWeeks. CllrGreenhead would produce a design for the board. Noticeboard The clerkwould provide details of a like-for-like noticeboard for FoxdenDrive. Footpath Itwas not necessary to hire a chipper for footpath KM80/86 as CllrWeeks had sourced chippings free of charge. Itwas agreed for the vegetation that had been removedwould be shredded at a cost of £40. CCTVItwas agreed that quotations from NT/Brook Security and Crossfire either did notmeet requirements orwere too high. The clerkwould contactNT/Brook to ask for a revised quotewith fewer cameras. GDPR Concernswere raised that therewas a conflict between disclosable pecuniary interests andGDPR. Satswanawas to investigate. The clerkwould investigate the purchase of a hard drive for backing up and encryptingDPC information, at an estimated cost of £50. Donation request The parish council decided itwas unable to assistwith a donation to Bearsted PC play scheme. Mallards Park CllrNewtonwas towrite an article for the newsle�er in an a�empt to educate dog owners to collect their pets’ waste.Open Spaces are to address the problemby providing signs asking that owners keep their dogs under control. Garden competition CllrWeeks asked for a representative fromThe Po�edGarden to judge the competition. Prizeswould be gift vouchers for £50, £25 and £15. OlympicnicDue to insufficientmanpower, the parish councilwould not organise a barbecue andwould try to outsource the supply of foodwith a hotdog van or similar. MBCwould be asked for dog-fouling leaflets to distribute on the day. FeteAbrief of the activitieswas provided. The parish councilwas to use two gazebos. MallardsWay Itwas suggested that a small picket-type fence or raised pontoon could be erected as some of the picnic tableswere close to the edge of the pond.Open Spaces were to explore options for consideration in the budget. Hedge cuing The councilwould consider a request froma resident in LonghamCopse to cut back the hedge next to his property.


Newchairman CllrMike Bedwell relinquished his role as chairman and as a parish councillor, butwas happy to continue to handle the bookings at the Cardwell Pavilion and assistwith the fete. Councillors thanked himsincerely for his tireless effort. CllrAdamWard agreed to become chairman and CllrHulmewas elected vice- chairman. The clerkwas to advertise the parish council vacancy. Crime latest The a�empted theft of amini digger and damage to a road roller had been reported. The PCSOwas due to a�end the nextmeeting. DogworriesAresident had complained about dogs running loose in the Lance Memorial Field, especiallywhen they are in the playground area. Some dog owners did not clear up after their pets, and thiswas offensive to those using the field for sports. Therewere signs at the gateway prohibiting dogs on the field. The clerkwas to obtain

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