New Heavy Duty Accessories for Yeoman Shield Protection Rails


ith over 50 years of experience in the wall & door protection industry, Yeoman Shield

continually asses and develop their products based on not only their own knowledge, but also feedback received from customers. Always keen to problem solve Yeoman

Shield responded to customers who wished to use 200mm, 125mm Protection Rail, or the Guardian Twin Handrail in areas of heavy traffic, where vulnerable corners and wall surfaces were being hit by very heavily laden or motorised vehicles and equipment. “Whilst our standard PVCu injection

moulded accessories are more than capable of warding off general, everyday blows, in certain circumstances where the traffic is exceptionally heavy and continuous an alternative, more durable option is required” “This led us to designing and manufacturing alternative 200 mm and 125 mm rubber accessories to solve this problem, all of which are compatible with the profiles

mentioned above” commented Yeoman Shield’s Sales Director, Stuart Russell. Manufactured solely from EPDM rubber,

which is a dense and abrasion resistant compound, results in the new accessories being capable of absorbing heavy blows – perfect for use in areas such as service corridors, warehouse, manufacturing facilities, etc. – in fact anywhere that has the traffic of heavily laden trucks and trolleys passing through on a daily basis.

To receive product information, costings or

if you would like to request a site survey from an Area Sales Managers, then please contact All products are showcased on Yeoman

Shield’s newly launched website where you can also sign up to a mailing list to keep up to date with all product development and news.

0113 279 5854

Encasement’s simple solution to conceal fire sprinkler system pipework


here fire sprinkler systems are being installed or retro-fitted in tower blocks and flats, Encasement’s ‘Versa’

pipe boxing range provides the perfect cost effec- tive solution for concealing sprinkler pipework. Manufactured from pre-formed FSC® certified

plywood and pre-finished in a durable white melamine, Versa ‘L’ shaped boxing is available in either 5mm or 8mm thicknesses for use within flats and communal areas, such as stairs and lift lobbies where sprinklers are required. Versa boxing can be used with standard

sprinkler heads or concealed ‘pop-out’ units with cover caps. Available in a wide range of sizes,

Versasprinkler pipe boxing helps save on installation time, as there’s no need for fabrication or painting on site. All that’s required is for the boxing to be cut to length and holes drilled for the sprinkler heads before securing to the wall or ceiling. Encasement’s Managing Director, Martin

Taylor, commented “Our fire sprinkler boxing has already been installed on a large number of number of high rise refurbishment projects, where pipework and sprinklers need to be concealed for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Not only are they cost effective and easy to install,

but Encasement also holds a full FSC® ‘Chain of Custody’ certification, which certifies that our products are manufactured from sustainable timbers. This means that local authorities can

meet their compliance obligations under UK government procurement guidance.”

01733 266 889 5

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