Hauraton drainage channels used at Maritime Transport Headquarters

The Maritime Transport Limited new £5 million headquarters in Felixstowe has received the accolade of “Winner-Design (Non residential)” at the Suffolk Coastal Quality of Place awards held in October 2015. Designed by Architects, Wincer Kievenaar, the Maritime Headquarters office provides an impressive gateway to Felixstowe Port. The Headquarters extensive car park, set with composite grey blocks is drained by 98 metres of Hauraton RECYFIX®

PLUS 150 channels

fitted with Class C250, HEELSAFE ductile iron gratings. A further 47 metres of RECYFIX®

installed in other locations on site. The RECYFIX®

PLUS 100 channels were also PLUS channel unit is made

of tough, virtually unbreakable recycled polypropylene (PP) formulated to be very resistant to daily temperature fluctuations from frost conditions to strong sunlight, including the Ultra Violet (UV) spectrum. The channel unit also features galvanised steel top

edges which house the ductile iron gratings. Complying with the requirements of EN 1433, the PP is given its UV resistance by adding just sufficient carbon black as a stabiliser so that the structural strength of the

material is unaffected and a consistent appearance is maintained. The PP is also naturally resistant to de-icing salt.

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Freefoam are delighted to announce the launch of three new short videos to promote the business online and through social media. Showcasing the faces behind the product, and the production and distribution facilities located in Northampton, all three give a real insight into how PVC building products are made and distributed from start to finish. With social media becoming an essential part of any companies marketing strategy Freefoam are committed to producing high quality, interesting, up to the minute content – and video is the perfect medium to achieve this. The production facility video features Freefoam’s 21m high ‘mixing’ plant, and 3,840m2

manufacturing plant illustrating how the virgin powder is

mixed and blended to produce the raw material and then skillfully heated and processed on extrusion lines to produce a range of products including fascia, soffit and guttering. This video highlights how products are stored, picked, packaged and despatched to customers throughout the UK.

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