provides smooth operation for door configurations up to 12 metres wide and 3 metres high, creating true glazed sliding walls. From one system Comar 7P.i LS+ provides delivered solutions, for the summer months maximise the opening space with the three-track slider which creates two thirds clear opening, whilst in the winter the lowest U-values keep out the cold. Innovation comes from Comar 7P.i

LS+ offering unique solutions from one system, which means that with the same profiles you can provide lift slide or straight rolling gear, standard or slim interlock, enhanced performance with the inclusion of thermal foam and double or triple track configurations. Optional slim interlocks maximise the

homeowners view out when the doors are in the closed position keeping the slim sightlines of Comar 7Pi LS+ doors with the reassurance of the lowest U-values, so even in the coldest winter months daylighting is maximised and

It’s a Lift Slide Life for Us N

ow it’s your turn to lift and slide your product range with Comar 7Pi LS+. Innovative lift and slide gearing

warmth assured. For a standard CEN size set of doors U-values are down to 1.4 with a 1.0 centre pane and using glass technology and Comar’s Enhanced Thermal Foam U-values of 0.74 are achievable. The real advantage of this system is it’s

smooth and easy lift operation, it’s ease of operation for sliding doors means that there is no alternative; it really is a lift slide life for all members of the family. Another advantage is the ability to lock the door in an open position anywhere along the track which means that the homeowner can open the door for ventilation without the risk of small children and toddlers exiting the doors. For our fabricator and trade partners,

Comar Systems utilises multi-function profiles which means that from a minimum stock all configurations of this feature laden system can be fabricated. Installers with the unique Comar Easyfit components minimise time on site and disruption to the home owner whilst maximising returns. The Comar 7P.i Lift and Slide

was developed to ensure a highly engineered solution that offers market leading

performance. Feedback from the UKAS Accredited Test House was “it is the best they’d ever seen”, as it passed BS6375 Parts 1, 2 and 3 with no water leakage at 1050Pa. The hardware, has been tested to over 50,000 open and closing cycles. As Secured by Design is now being

incorporated into some region’s Planning conditions and BREEAM Assessments, Comar 7P.i LS+ passed the new stringent PAS24:2016 and holds a Kite-mark for Enhanced Security to enable sub-contractors to provide an SBD Licensed product to discerning customers. Comar 7P.i LS+ now provides a future

proof solution with a glazing pocket of up to 57mm. 020 8685 2318

Healing daylight at Benenden K

alwall® translucent cladding is the

architectural focus of the new £55million development of Benenden

Hospital in Cranbrook, Kent. The scheme, designed by architects C A

Vaughan Blundell with assistance from SR Architects Ltd, has created a wonderfully light and airy entrance atrium designed to welcome and create an enhanced patient and visitor experience with maximised natural daylight. The main contractor was Willmott Dixon Construction. The Kalwall skylights provide additional

light in the large atrium projecting it deep into the interior. They were specified complete with highly insulating Nanogel which achieves an impress U value of 0.28W/m2

helping the project attain a Breeam status of ‘Good’. The skylights have a unique ability

to bathe interior spaces with diffused and glare-free daylight, which creates a stimulating and healthy environment. In addition, their heavily insulated composition eliminates glare and hotspots. Geoff Holden, Senior Technician at C A


Vaughan Blundell comments, “The use of Kalwall represented the best value balance of energy saving and cost and provided us with the ideal way to achieve spatial daylighting within the requirements of Part L”. Kalwall is a popular choice for projects

where performance, long life cycle and low maintenance are required, coupled with an aesthetic finish. The lightweight system

reduces the need for supporting structures while offering the highest protection in terms of wind-borne debris and resistance to impact, abrasion and point loads. Case studies and technical information are available from Structura UK Ltd.

01233 501 504


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