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Laminates for a sound performance by absorption Abet Laminati’s continuing partnership with Print Acoustics®

– a division of Belgian company Triplaco (Family

group founded in 1890) – has proven popular in helping combat the ongoing problems of sound reverberation in commercial, public sector, school, restaurant, retail and residential environments. Modern design trends for minimalist interiors coupled with hard surfaces creates issues with sound pollution bouncing around interior spaces affecting ambient noise levels and the associated discomfort for users. Noise can also impact on the success of a space. In education, for example, many studies have shown that noise impacts learning. A Bronzaft and McCarthy study showed that New York City students were hampered in their reading skills by elevated noise levels. There are over 500 Abet colours and woodgrain finishes available for use as wall cladding, for cabinet doors or freestanding units. They are specially designed to embrace the hospitality, retail, commercial, education and residential sectors where noise pollution can be a problem particularly in meeting rooms, music rooms, restaurants, school halls, sports halls and shops.

Bostik provides the right formula for Swansea University chemistry labs

Bostik has been selected by commercial flooring contractor, Artisan Flooring, to provide subfloor preparation products as part of a £60 million refurbishment project at the Singleton Park Campus at Swansea University. New state-of-the-art teaching laboratories are being built as part of a multi-million pound investment. Bostik carried out a site survey across the 1000m2

flooring space, which revealed that the area had uneven floor levels.

To alleviate the issue of uneven floor levels, Bostik’s technical team recommended Screedmaster Deep. The versatility of the Screedmaster Deep levelling compound allows for application between 5mm to 50mm in a single step. It can also withstand foot traffic in as little as 90 minutes, meaning the project’s timescales would not be compromised. To improve the flow and curing characteristics of the levelling compound, an even coating of Screedmaster Epoxy Primer was first applied. Epoxy Primer is a two part solvent-free, water dispersible primer that’s ideal for use when applying smoothing compounds above 10mm in depth. Screedmaster Deep was then used to even out the floor surface ready for the installation of the floorcoverings.

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