FM Update

Westbury joins Schneider Electric’s System Integrator Alliance programme

Schneider Electric has announced its partnership with Westbury Control Systems, the leader in design, manufacture and installation of integrated control systems for OEM and end-user clients. Now a part of the Schneider Electric

System Integrator Alliance, Westbury Control Systems has the ability to expand its customer base by combining its local expertise with the energy management and automation specialist’s award–winning products and services. Founded in 1999 in the Midlands,

Westbury Control Systems is now amongst Schneider Electric’s 1,000 partners across 64 countries and brings extensive and specialist knowledge in control system automation as

well as a proven track record of solid project management and execution experience. Together, Schneider Electric and Westbury

Control Systems engineers can provide customers with the latest technology, training and experience ensuring all projects are delivered on time and in budget. “We’re confident as newcomers to Schneider Electric’s system integrator program, that Westbury Control Systems will very quickly build a strong, mutually beneficial relationship for the long term” said Glynn Westbury, founder managing director at Westbury. “Joining forces with Schneider Electric will allow us to expand our customer base and really focus our efforts on control panels production.”

“This partnership with Westbury Control Systems yet again reiterates our continued commitment to support organisations locally to innovate at every level and compete on a global stage,” said Martin Walder, VP Industry at Schneider Electric, UK & Ireland. Westbury typify our partners, with a high level of professionalism running through everything they do, providing quality, consistency and reliability of supply.” With over 18 years of experience

supplying a full range of services; from initial consultation and assessment through to on-site installation, Westbury’s products can be found in a diverse number of applications within the automotive, aerospace and energy industries – to name a few.

New funding opportunity for partnership projects

From science museums to beaver reintroductions – at Biffa Award we are looking for projects of regional or national significance that we can support. At Biffa Award we have an exciting new

funding opportunity for organisations looking to improve a built or natural environment. This will mean supporting brand new projects of regional or even national significance. Inspiring and engaging projects are being

sought. Between £250,000 and £750,000 will be available annually to projects that are within 15 miles of a significant Biffa Group Limited operation or active Biffa Landfill site. Projects chosen will fit into one of two themes: the “Built Environment” and the “Natural Environment”. The “Built Environment” theme will aim

to revive, modernise and improve vibrant facilities such as cultural, heritage or visitor centres. The amenities chosen will be ones that educate, inspire and engage the public, as well as providing and encouraging community enjoyment and involvement. The “Natural Environment” theme will

aim to restore or improve the natural envi- ronment. It will support innovative projects working to relevant country level biodiver- sity strategies, such as Biodiversity 2020: A strategy for England’s Wildlife and ecosystem services; or a Local Biodiversity Action Plan target. The theme will support a variety of living things and will include plants and ani- mals and the habitats that support them. Examples of previously funded Natural Environment projects include Scottish Beaver

Trial, delivered by Scottish Wildlife Trust and the Bare and Eroding Peat Project, delivered by The Friend of the North Pennines AONB. Examples of previously funded Built

Environment projects include the Biffa Award Welcome Building at Westonbirt Arboretum; Experiment Zone within the International Centre for Life; and state of the art Biffa Award Land Speed Record Exhibition at Coventry Transport Museum. Gillian French, Biffa Award Head of

Grants, said: “Biffa Award already supports an incredibly diverse range of projects. It is exciting that now the potential is there for us to support some even bigger partnerships that will create significant positive change to communities and the environment on a potentially national scale.”

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