space, thereby keeping overhead property expenses to a minimum.

Inspiring, creative and fun

“Function is an obvious part of office design but so are aesthetics. An attractive office is a way to reflect who you are as a business and attract the right employees.”, says Per Essley, an interior designer at AJ Products. The office is the company’s face to the

world and reflects the company’s personality. Therefore, it is important to have a good balance between function and aesthetics. Consider the importance of colour. Are

you inspired by blue, calmed by green and stressed by red? The colour you choose can create a completely different atmosphere in the space and affect everything from your mood to your efficiency. When it comes to inspiring workplaces,

there is a fast-growing trend for activity-based offices where you choose your environment depending on your current task rather than having an allocated desk. The activity-based office offers diverse environments that support your personality and the type of work you do. It’s an innovative approach that often leads to increased creativity, productivity and happiness.

Adaptable and sustainable

“We think about the environment when we create new products and place high demands on our suppliers to stay at the forefront of environmental consciousness.”, says Erika Larsson. A good workplace is one that will weather

the changes your company goes through and be a reliable part of the team for many years. Flexibility is one of AJ’s principal product development concepts; we create furniture that can be adapted to many different types of work environments and will expand with your business. Modular office and industrial solutions allow you to add to your furniture as your business grows and your needs change, avoiding a disjointed design scheme. AJ Products’ ISO certifications

demonstrate our commitment both to the quality our customers have come to expect and our planet. AJ Produkter AB, the parent company of the 19 AJ subsidiaries across Europe including the UK branch, is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Happier and healthier workplaces

AJ Products is committed to making workplaces happier and healthier places to be. Everything we do, we do with a passion to deliver the best solution for each workplace. We sell tables, chairs and shelving, but that is not what our customers buy from us. They buy nicer offices, practical warehouses and better workplaces. For over 40 years we have studied our customers’ needs. By

fmuk 15

doing so, we have a clear picture of what our customers want as well as what they need so that we can design and manufacture better products to meet those needs.

What you want, what you need and everything in between

Our innovative, ergonomic office furniture is just one area of expertise in our extensive product range. We also provide premises management equipment, materials handling solutions, lockers and changing room facilities, conference furniture, warehouse shelving and racking, workbenches, industrial matting and much more. “Many people are surprised when they see the breadth of our range and all the various solutions we can offer.”, says Kristoffer Eriksson. Thanks to our 40 plus years of experience, AJ Products can provide

you with a complete solution from project planning and design suggestions to quick delivery and installation. We are a one-stop shop for all your workplace needs. Whether a one-off order or a large refit project, AJ Products is here for whatever you need. If you are attending the Facilities

Show at ExCeL London on 19th-21st June 2018, why not come and visit us on stand M450 and find out how we can make your workplace healthier, more efficient and more inspiring? We will have a selection of our bestselling solutions from across our product range for you to discover. Don’t miss the opportunity to try out our standing desks, mobile workbenches and more, and get our advice on how to optimise your workplace to improve your working day! Visit or call us on 0800 634 4369 to speak to our sales team.

1. Fellowes (2017) UK businesses suffering from ‘presenteeism’ with over half of employees coming into work when sick [accessed March 2018]

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