Going green for growth: is renewable energy right for your business?

With sustainability high on the agenda for both the government and UK industry, a growing number of businesses are wanting to embrace renewable energy. Here, Dr.

Launched by the Government in October 2017, the Clean Growth Strategy was widely praised for heralding a new era for clean energy to boost productivity in UK businesses. Meanwhile, more and more businesses are realising that their customers want to buy from businesses with ethical values — our independent research has found that 55% of UK consumers would be more likely to buy from a brand using electricity from renewable sources. However, what was presented as

“an ambitious blueprint for Britain’s low carbon future” became somewhat diluted in the November Budget. The Chancellor confirmed there would be no fresh funds for new renewable energy projects levied through electricity bills until 2025, and little detail was offered on the future of the country’s tax on carbon dioxide emissions from the power sector. As we head into 2018, this has left many business owners and managers disappointed by the government’s lack of clarity for the UK’s low carbon future and uncertain about how they can take steps towards adopting cleaner energy.

Simple step towards sustainability

The good news is that the road to using sustainable energy as a business is not be as complicated as it may seem. Despite the confusion that may exist around government investment in renewable energy more broad- ly, for businesses looking to move to a clean- er form of energy, making the switch and making a difference is actually very simple.

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Randall Bowen, Director of Business Services at Good Energy, discusses how and why many organisations have already chosen a green energy supply and advises business owners on taking their own steps towards sustainability in 2018. There is no need for any special equipment

– organisations can continue to use power for their operations as they always have. The difference comes in making a simple switch from a traditional electricity supplier to one which provides energy that is generated sustainably from renewable sources. It can be quick and easy to make the switch, and once you have made it, there are benefits for your business as well as the environment. Turning to a renewable supplier helps cut a business’ carbon footprint by up to 50% and supports more renewable production. As well as helping to tackle climate change,

this commitment to renewable energy can be very valuable in terms of supporting business values. Organisations have more control over where their energy comes from and where their money is being spent whilst choosing a renewable energy supply can also contribute to environmental and corporate social responsibility policies. Furthermore, going green can help a business to stand out as more attractive to staff, customers and suppliers.

“Choosing renewable energy made total sense for us as an ethical business”

One business that has turned to renewable energy because it supports its business ethos is Pukka Herbs, an organic tea manufacturer headquartered in Bristol. The company was founded on the idea that business can be good for people and for planet. It now sells over a million organic tea

bags a day and employs over 90 people. The company made the switch to renewable energy to help fulfil its sustainable mission. “Choosing renewable energy made total

sense for us as an ethical business” says Vicky Murray, Pukka’s sustainability manager. “We want to know that the money we pay for energy goes towards renewable energy that helps the planet, not fossil fuels that contribute to climate change. “This has played a big part in us becoming

certified carbon neutral, which means our tea is greener than ever before. Our mission has always been to inspire people to think more about protecting the planet. This can mean making small, simple and ethical changes to your lifestyle, just like switching to a renewable supplier for your energy.” Over the years, Pukka has strengthened

its planet-friendly ethos by working with like-minded organisations with an obsession for organic and enthusiasm for clean energy. The company has worked with its wider supply chain to encourage them to move to a sustainable energy supply too. With herbs from the Organic Herb Trading Company and packing by Infusion GB, Pukka has built a uniquely ethical supply chain – with all three

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