FM Update

British standard for procurement of facilities services revised

BSI, the business standards company, has published BS 8572:2018 Procure- ment of facility related services. Code of practice. The revised standard guides those responsible for the management of facilities – such as officer managers, owner-occupiers, landlords and tenants – through a roadmap for successful pro- curement. BS 8572 was developed to establish a

common, standardized approach to the way facilities services are managed and specified. A facility-related service is a supporting structure to the core busi- ness of an organization, such as cleaning, security, waste disposal, pest control, building maintenance, catering and IT. The revised standard includes guid-

ance to improve transparency in oper- ating competitive tendering, and how to thoroughly evaluate tendering proposals. Guidance is also provided on bench- marking performance and cost, enabling inefficiencies and waste to be highlighted and mitigated. Where multiple facilities or locations are involved, application of BS 8572 across all facilities can bring additional benefits from a more consis-

tent, streamlined approach to procure- ment. BS 8572 covers both new and exist-

ing facilities. The principle changes in this revised document over its predecessor are: • a.)New provisions relating to a pro- curer’s target operating model and integrator model;

• •

b.)Incorporation of recommenda- tions on the management of the direct cost of a service;

c.)Recommendations on managing innovation and transformation in service delivery;

• d.)Conversion from a guidance docu- ment to a code of practice; and

e.)General updating to align with, and cross-reference, recently published standards in facilities management.

Ant Burd, Head of Built Environment

at BSI, said: “In procuring facility-related services externally, an organization has taken the decision to outsource. Outsourcing the procurement of such important services, however, extends beyond simply purchasing and supply-

ing. Facilities procurement represents a major and integral part of an orga- nization’s facilities management – and because of this it must be carried out in a way that is consistent, thorough, and ensures the best value for money. BS 8572 was revised to guide organizations through this process.” BS 8572 is relevant to all organizations

with responsibility for the procurement of facility-related services and the man- agement of space within commercial and industrial property. Procurement of facility-related services should be regarded as a distinct function within the procurer’s organization and, as such, the standard recommends that it should be covered by a designated role. This may form part of the organization’s estab- lished purchasing and supply processes and procedures. The following organizations were

involved in the development of this standard as members of the steer- ing group: CIOB; RIBA; RICS; CIBSE; BIFM; IFMA; and CoreNet. Combined membership of these bodies in the UK exceeds 250,000.

Rexel UK wins Government funding competition

Leading electrical distributor, Rexel, has been awarded funding by Innovate UK to develop its innovative new SmartAsset solution. The collaborative bid, which

was submitted in conjunction with Rexel’s technology partner, Inventor-e, saw Rexel win a share of over £270,000 worth of funding. The funding will be used

by Rexel to help assess prototypes, conduct target customer trials and in-depth research to further develop its SmartAsset solution, powered by Inventor-e. SmartAsset is a van management

and tracking solution that enables customers to effectively manage and control their assets on their van fleet. It utilises contactless technology to aid inventory management, and an app to provide customers with instant access regarding stock levels, allowing them to

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provide a cost-effective enterprise wide van asset management. Providing 24/7 visibility for enterprise-

wide van asset management, SmartAsset allows users to track lost tools using bluetooth on their mobile device, helping cutting down costly on search- and-find time and wasted journeys. Martin Jones, National Sales Manager

at Rexel Services & Solutions, said: “Our commitment to offering our customers the most innovative services and solu- tions means we are continually investing

in research and development. We are therefore delighted to have been awarded this fund- ing, alongside our tech part- ner Inventor-e, to continue to develop our SmartAsset offering. “At Rexel, we understand

the challenges faced by our customers, which is why we are committed to developing the technology and solutions

to make their lives easier. Offering a holistic view on van stock management, our SmartAsset solution allows users to locate and track assets all from their mobile phone.” Innovate UK is the UK’s innovation

agency. It works with people, companies and partner organisations to find and drive science and technology innovations to grow the UK economy. In addition, Innovate UK provides Government funds to develop new technologies.

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