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Village Hearth Cohousing Questions & Answers V

illage Hearth Cohousing is now accepting memberships in their planned age 55+ community. Village Hearth Cohousing will include 28 single-story cottage homes in seven buildings, with a choice of three floor plans. More than 50% of the units have been sold. Memberships are now being accepted for the remain- ing units.

Q: It is well known that most co- housing communities are built upon the concept of sustainability. How will this be expressed in the Village Hearth Cohousing community?

A: Sustainability is a Village Hearth Cohousing value with a commitment to live lighter on the land and to build “as green as we can afford.” All of the buildings will be clustered at one end of the 15-

acre site and attached in quads for increased energy efficiency. They will be “solar-ready” and built with sustainable, low-VOC building ma- terials, flooring, and insulation. In- creased thermal mass will contribute to passive heating and cooling and allow for more natural light. Cluster- ing means less land will be covered with impermeable surfaces.

Q: How does Village Hearth intend to live lighter on the land?

A: More than ten acres will be maintained as greenspace. The land will be nurtured using permaculture methods, native plants and commu- nity and private gardens with edible

landscaping and wildlife attracting plants.

Q: How does Village Hearth intend to maintain these core principles?

A: Our practices of sharing re- sources (social space, tools, com- munity gardens, rides), recycling, composting and avoiding the use of pesticides express our values. With continuing community education we will steadily increase our abilities to conserve energy, reduce waste, and consume less while living healthier, richer lives and taking charge of our future. Village Hearth will be a model for sustainable housing. See ad on this page.

For information, email Pat McAulay at or call Margaret Roesch at 561-714-8009. Visit and

Welcome Home to Village Hearth Cohousing!

Now you can live in a safe, active, caring and self-governing 55+ community, with the infrastructure to age in place, while balancing the privacy of a smaller, sustainable dwelling with ample opportu- nity for social engagement and the support of a larger community.

Who are the people of Village Hearth? We are a dynamic LGBT-focused group of adults working together to build a co- housing community on a beautiful 15-acre wooded campus just 20 minutes from downtown Durham. Gay and straight, single and coupled, working and retired, from Durham and beyond, we represent a variety of professions, skills and interests.


For more information, email Pat McAulay at or call Margaret Roesch at 561-714-8009. Visit and

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