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movement is afoot to get kids grounded in nature. Wilderness awareness programs, also known as

primitive skills or Earth-based education, teach life-changing survival skills that build courage, compassion and camaraderie. “We help youth experience a true

aliveness in nature. Kids gain knowledge of the outdoors and increase awareness, confidence and self-reliance, while having fun, positive experiences,” says Dave Scott, founder of the Earth Native Wilderness School (, in Bastrop, Texas. Tey oſten go on to enthusiastically share what they’ve learned about natural flora and fauna with their families.

INTO THE WOODS Nature Helps Kids Build Skills

and Character by April Thompson

Experiential Learning Youth engaged with organizations like this one enjoy gaining nature-oriented sur- vival skills, such as making bows, baskets, shelters and fire. “By making a bow out of a particular type of tree, children discover what type of habitat the tree prefers and how to harvest it sustainably. Indigenous skills like animal tracking also help them relate to wildlife and develop empathy for animals,” says Scott. “When you learn to trust rather than

fear nature, you’re more likely to take care of it,” adds Rick Berry, founder of 4 Ele- ments Earth Education (, a Nevada City, California, nonprofit that helps kids and adults connect with planet Earth via immersion in nature. Leaving room for spontaneity and improvisation is important.

Couldn’t focus. Wouldn’t sit still. Struggled in school.

Aidan’s skills were all below level. After Brain Balance, reading, writing and math are now above where he needs to be. It’s been an amazing transformation. He’s done things everyone said he couldn’t do.”

- DAN G., Brain Balance Parent CALL US


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BRAIN BALANCE ADDRESSES: • Academic, Social or Behavioral Issues • Processing Disorders • Lack of Focus • Trouble Making Friends • Tantrums

• Impulsiveness • Learning Disabilities • Sensory Integration • Family/Social Relationships • ADHD

Brain Balance is a non-medical approach combining physical and sensory exercises with academic skill training and healthy nutrition. We identify the issues, then create a plan that addresses your child’s specific needs.

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