Right to Build Task Force advises on new potential plots in Hampshire

The Right to Build Task Force has started working with Fareham Borough Council to consider opportunities to include a range of custom- and self-build housing plots as part of the planned 6,000 home Welborne Garden Village. The Task Force’s Richard Bacon MP and Mario Wolf, director of the Task Force, met the leader of the council, chief executive, local councillors and senior council officers to discuss opportunities at the site on the edge of the Hampshire town. The advice given will inform the planning application for the development by the promoters, Buckland Development. Commenting on the meeting, Richard Bacon MP said: “It was a pleasure to meet with Fareham Borough Council today to discuss self-building opportunities at Welborne Garden Village. Developments such as this offer huge scope for bringing forward a range of well-designed housing options and are therefore a logical choice to help meet local demand for people who want to build their own homes.” Councillor Seán Woodward, leader of Fareham Borough Council said: “I was delighted to host Richard Bacon MP and his colleagues from the Right to Build Task Force. We are working with them to deliver more affordable housing and offer home ownership options which will suit a variety of modern needs. This includes offering space at Welborne Garden Village where people can design and build their own homes.” Director of the Right to Build Task Force Mario Wolf commented: “I am pleased that Fareham Borough Council has

approached the Task Force for advice. Garden villages such as Welborne are well placed to include an ambitious and diverse custom- and self-build housing offer to local communities. We look forward to working with the team at Fareham.”


As well as assisting Fareham Borough Council, the Task Force has appointed a new deputy ambassador. Councillor Richard Lewis of Leeds City Council is executive board member responsible for regeneration, transport and planning and comes to the Task Force with considerable experience, having championed Leeds’ Housing Growth Strategy and community-led self- build housing opportunities in the city. Richard Bacon MP said of the appointment: “I am delighted that Councillor Lewis is joining the Task Force and will be

promoting its work across the country, helping to champion the Right to Build to our local communities.” Since its launch the Right to Build Task Force has received 150 enquiries for support. One of its biggest successes to date is

assisting in securing a resolution to grant planning permission (subject to a Section 106 agreement) for 165 self- and custom- build plots at Aylesbury Woodlands, part of Aylesbury Garden Village.


A timber extension has been completed by architecture and design practice Studio Carver in Belsize Park, north west London. The extension was designed for an Anglo-American family and inspired by the traditional timber conservatories of mid-west America.

The extension, which utilises sustainable oak,

poured concrete and zinc cladding, is an addition to the family’s Edwardian house and was built on a plot measuring 10 m2

. Studio Carver worked with carpentry

company Emanuel Hendry to push the limits of timber frame construction. The extension was tested offsite and then reassembled at the home. A large strip skylight connects the new extension to

the old house and, along with the two metre high windows, floods the area with natural light. In addition a built-in internal oak bench was also incorporated into the design. Commenting on the project Studio Carver founder Keith Carver said: “As a fellow ex-pat myself it was a fantastic experience to bring a slice of American- inspired architecture to London. The small site was a challenge but we created something unique, bright and private within a heavily overlooked site.” The extension was shortlisted in the AJ Small

Projects Awards 2017 and the Camden Design Awards 2017.

6 © Richard Chivers march/april 2018

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