Hambleside Danelaw launches two new Tile Vents – The Double Slip Tile Vent has been designed to incorporate small cuts of clay or concrete machine / handmade plain tiles at high or low level as an alternative to ridge or eaves ventilation. Available in Black. The Double Plain Tile Vent provides an unobtrusive means of roof ventilation by discreetly replicating the tile profile. Available in Antique Red, Brown, Slate Grey and Terracotta, Antique Red and Brown. Both Tile Vents are suitable for pitches of 35 or greater, it can be used with either machine or handmade plain tiles at high or low level as an alternative to ridge or eaves ventilation.

BLM Roofing Tools is a unique collaboration between BLM British Lead, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of British Standard Rolled Lead Sheet and Monument Tools, one of the biggest names in the manufacture and distribution of roofing tools throughout the world. BLM Roofing Tools offer a comprehensive range of leadwork and roofing tools including lead dressers, shaping sticks, bossing mallets, chase wedges and many more. The range of tools caters for all construction professionals whether they are installing occasional flashings right through to complex Leadwork detail. All tools have been tried, tested and approved by the Lead Sheet Association.

system, the bright flames of the Skope come to life. The fuel bed is uplit, allowing you to choose from a spectrum of 13 different colours to match any décor and achieve ultimate relaxation.

If you’re looking for captivating visuals and easy installation from your fire, the show-stopping Gazco Skope electric range makes the ideal choice, offering powerful mood lighting and eye-catching flames that render this fire half for function, and half art. Designed with the very latest LED technologies and offering a choice of stunning fuel beds, this innovative electric fire range lets you decide on the perfect ambience to suit your mood. Using Gazco’s Chromalight®

New FLEXIWork Floorlayers Trousers

The Ultimate solution for working on your knees - delivering optimal freedom of movement and long-lasting durability. Snickers’ new Floorlayers Work Trousers and the patented Knee Guard System combine very effectively to deliver the ultimate solution for working safely and in comfort on your knees. With an advanced body-mapping design, they’re made from the highly durable Ripstop fabric with a ‘mechanical stretch’. They come with an integrated belt for superior waist fit, with

easy-to-access holster pockets with zipped compartment, leg pockets including knife fastener, mobile phone compartment and detachable hidden ID-badge holder. VELUX® launches MyDaylight

MyDaylight is a powerful new app by VELUX that enables homeowners to design their own room or renovation project by easily selecting parameters such as floor dimensions, roof height and ceiling pitch. They can then customise further by adding windows, floor and wall finishes, the room’s location, and more. After approximately ten minutes, they receive a digital simulation which can be viewed in 360˚ or virtual reality, and gives a life-like recreation of the room and the changing effects of daylight inside. The app bridges a gap, leading homeowners from imagination to implementation: “Many people who are looking to reshape their home find it difficult moving from imagination to concrete proposals. The app brings homeowners one step closer to the home they have envisioned, as the 3600 and virtual reality visualisations make it both tangible and achievable,” says Grant Sneddon, Daylight Expert, VELUX. The app is a unique opportunity for homeowners to experiment with different renovation options, and a mobile application means the service is available anywhere, anytime – thereby meeting the growing consumer trend for online customisation, browsing and shopping. For the first time ever, homeowners have the benefit of the most cutting-edge technology in order to experience daylight in an environment matching the specific characteristics of their own home. The MyDaylight app is free of charge and available in the Apple and Google Play Stores.

01592 778225 march/april 2018 13

The NEW Solid Gear ‘One GTX’ Safety Shoe

The ONE GTX from Solid Gear is a superbly constructed safety shoe with seven integrated layers to deliver excellent comfort and protection. It’s designed and built for active professionals who need a highly breathable, light and flexible safety shoe. With a GORE-TEX®


membrane they’re fully breathable and ideal for warmer weather and combined indoor/outdoor activities. The shoe’s stretchable upper is water-resistant with amazing performance when it comes to

breathability, fit and flexibility. What’s more, it has a honeycombed sole for enhanced grip and a composite midsole. It also has a stabilising heel support to minimise injuries from twisting.

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