FIXTURES & FINISHES Norbord's new flooring is very hush-hush!

Designed for both domestic and non- domestic applications, CaberAcoustic from Norbord comprises 28mm and 32mm variants of tongue-and-grooved particleboard panels with a 10mm sound- reducing layer bonded to the underside. This specially-designed layer, made in the UK from recycled felt, reduces impact noise transmission by up to 19dB. It also helps reduce airborne noise when used as part of the appropriate flooring system. The board's tongue-and-grooved edge profile

gives a tight, easily-fitting joint and maximum strength when fixed using Norbord's CaberFix D3 adhesive. CaberAcoustic gives the best sound reducing performance when installed with a perimeter flanking strip. Ultra-matt wood flooring collections

Kährs have launched two contemporary new ultra-matt wood flooring collections, Lux and Lumen. Recently winning Gold for 'Best Flooring' at the 2017 House Beautiful Awards, Kährs' Lux collection includes nine one-strip plank format designs in an array of natural colours, which are mirrored in Lumen's three-strip designs. The new surface treatment applied to the designs is non reflective; enhancing the colour and beauty of real wood, whilst giving a silky, yet strong shield against wear and tear. All

floors feature Kährs' multi-layered construction, with a surface layer of oak or ash. This engineered format is eco-friendly, whilst also making the floors more stable, and ideal for use with underfloor heating systems. Mapei launches Keraquick XL Fibrelite adhesive for ceramic

Keraquick XL Fibrelite is the latest lightweight flooring adhesive from Mapei. Fibre reinforced, Keraquick XL Fibrelite has the properties to fix sizes of large format tiles up to 1500mm x 1500mm in both residential and commercial installations. With a high yield, the deformable cement-based adhesive is suitable for installing porcelain, ceramic and non-moisture sensitive natural stone materials to floors, including those with electrical underfloor heating systems. When hardened the adhesive is frost and water resistant which means it is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Jason Brunt, Ceramic Product Manager at Mapei UK commented: “Mapei have developed Keraquick XL Fibrelite to help the tile installer achieve 100 per cent contact with the popular larger format floor tiles we see today, with less effort. Mapei’s new adhesive mixes to the ideal semi pourable consistency contacting the tile fully to the substrate with ease.” Keraquick XL Fibrelite is a powder adhesive manufactured at Mapei’s UK factory in the West Midlands. Composed of a mixture of special cements, selectively graded aggregates, synthetic resins, fibres and setting accelerators, Keraquick XL Fibrelite develops a high bond strength after only 90 minutes, allowing for installations to be completed very quickly with general foot traffic after 12 hours. For more information about using Keraquick XL FIbrelite in your project, contact Mapei by calling or visiting the website.

0121 508 6970

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We specialise in a wide range of projects including:

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• Barn Conversions • Extensions • Basement Conversions

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Mapei launches Dursilite Gloss

Mapei introduces Dursilite Gloss to the popular range of Dursilite water based paints for interiors. Dursilite Gloss is an internal enamel wall paint based on special acrylic and polyurethane resins and has a smooth, semi- gloss finish that enhances the brightness of colours. Dursilite Gloss allows you to create a high-end finish, is durable and resistant to yellowing and thanks to its polyurethane resin content, is highly resistant to staining and can cope with the most rigorous cleaning regimes and comes with a Class 1 wet scrub resistance, that conforms to EN ISO 11998. Dursilite Gloss bonds perfectly to all types of wall, plaster, skim coats and old paintwork that are sound and wellbonded; it also has good hiding power and is easy to apply. An elegant, high quality finish is achieved when using Dursilite Gloss in residential or commercial environments. Due to its hard wearing protection, excellent cleanability and low dirt pick up, Dursilite Gloss is recommended for use in areas that are used by the general public that are particularly exposed to high wear and dirt. Dursilite Gloss, along with all products within the Dursilite product family, can be tinted using the ColorMap automatic tinting machine. Other products within the Dursilite Gloss family include Dursilite Plus, Dursilite Matt.

0121 508 6970 50 march/april 2018

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