At the safety level, having a chimney swept by a member of the National Association of Chimney Sweeps, or the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps, is a good idea, and you can make their life easier by burning a chimney-sweeping log first. This product cleans your chimney as it burns, making any creosote deposits more brittle and easier to remove.

If installing a woodburner, multi-fuel appliance or open fire in your property, make sure you check whether your home is in a smoke control zone. While using Woodsure ready-to-burn wood will keep you on the right side of environmental legislation, your choice of other solid fuel needs to be equally well-informed. Smokeless coal options are available for both multi-fuel appliances and open fires. But choosing fuel isn’t all about staying safe, keeping your warranty intact and caring about the environment; you can also choose some products to suit your lifestyle. For instance, if you have no time to light a fire in your thermostat- controlled appliance in the morning, use a smokeless fuel such as Blaze and leave it to slumber overnight, so you are nice and warm when you get up. Similarly, decide what suits you most – a woodburner or a multi-fuel appliance. Woodburners have no grate, so you have

to empty the firebox manually, leaving a layer of ash on which the wood can sit, to help it burn better. In a multi-fuel appliance, there is an ashpan to pull out and empty, which you could find less messy.

Exciting alternatives to wood are also available, such as eco-friendly Brackenburn ‘brackettes’, formed from harvested dead bracken and emitting an autumnal aroma when burnt, and bio- bean coffee logs, created from recycled coffee grounds, collected from offices and cafes.

Get the designer look from Eurostove

When you want something completely different from your wood burner yet you still want all the features and functions, look no further than the ECK from Hergom at Eurostove. This sleek, chic fireplace has a one-piece L-shaped window and is specially designed to be installed in a corner for your all-round viewing pleasure. Perfect for large, open-plan interiors as well as compact living rooms, the ECK wood burner allows for an optimum view from the front and side, creating a truly distinctive look that’s sure to

add a striking centrepiece to any scheme. Contemporary and clean-lined, the ECK comes with an integral jacket for convection and is available as a left or right-hand corner design, making it suitable for any space.

01934 750500 A hot and efficient open gas fire

The best just got better! The much-loved Paragon One gas fire has been a firm favourite for over a decade now. The team at Charlton & Jenrick have recently been working on a round of updates for the fire and are pleased to announce the launch of the new improved, hotter and more efficient Paragon One Evolution Natural Gas fire. The Evolution offers a toe warming 4.4kW output from its advanced technology firebox at a substantial net efficiency of 63 per cent. The fire is being launched in Manual, Slide

and Remote for full versatility and is designed to work with the majority of trims, fascia’s and frets in the range. Like its predecessor, the Evolution has a wide full depth fuel bed, realistic flames and a bright glowing heart. 58

Logs are not all about burning however, with many homeowners now using kiln-dried, clean decorative logs to create talking points, or feature walls, while also benefitting from the amazing scent that alder emits, or the stunning sight of split or whole silver birch. If what you’re seeking is the romance of flickering flames, rather than a bright glow, silver birch logs will keep you mesmerised for hours.

Stephen Talbot is sales director of wood and coal fuel specialist Logs Direct

Take advantage of the wood burning boom

Tyne & Wear based, Schiedel Chimney Systems, has launched a new wood burning stove and solid fuel heating course providing an opportunity for candidates in the North East to take advantage of the growing interest in wood burning appliances. Phil Lowe, Key Account Manager for Schiedel: We're delighted to offer this new course as it provides everything a would-be solid fuel heat installer needs to meet the requirements of HETAS registration, in order to trade safely

and legally as a competent engineer. The Introduction to Solid Fuel +Plus course, accredited by HETAS, takes five days and is ideal for candidates with practical skills and experience in any related area.

0191 4161150 Sleek and chic, perfect fit for modern homes

To help you create a warm, welcoming home, the contemporary-style Christon multi-fuel stove from Mendip is available as a freestanding design, inset fire or logstore stove to suit every setting. The freestanding model looks especially striking set atop a chunky plinth platform while the logstore version is a great little space-saver with plenty of open-fronted storage beneath for seasoned logs. For a flush finish to create a seamless look, the inset design offers the beauty of built-in.

What’s more, the UK designed Christon is also Ecodesign Ready, in line with the new European-wide programme to lower emissions and improve air quality, which comes into effect by 2022. march/april 2018

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