BUILDING FABRIC & EXTERIORS Bi-folding & Sliding Doors Showcase VELFAC

VELFAC composite aluminium / wood doors offer impressive performance whatever the weather – keeping draughts out, heat in and controlling solar gain, allowing home owners to enjoy their house any time of year.

JB Kind

JB Kind’s pre-assembled pocket door systems are a space saving pocket door solution that will bring contemporary style to your self-build.

The pre-assembled pocket door system can be fitted in half the time compared to some other brands, suiting the majority of the company’s range of door designs.

The doors are suitable for single and double door situations with compatible sliding door hardware.

For more information please visit the JB Kind website.

The stylish VELFAC system meets the highest standards of air and water tightness and wind resistance, making it the ideal choice for any location no matter how extreme the climate. U-values as low as 0.8W/m2

k (for triple glazed units) deliver

excellent insulation, while optional low energy coated glass can be specified to minimise solar gain.


Duration’s Emperor Concealed Aluminium Bifold door is truly unique. There are no unsightly hinges breaking up the clean lines of the doors. When closed, the cleverly engineered patented hinges are fully concealed within the door leaf, resulting in a contemporary and aesthetically pleasing bi-fold door. The Emperor Concealed Bifold doors are not only thermally efficient and strong, but they are also highly secure and have passed PAS 24:2012 for enhanced security. Constructed from a low maintenance polyamide thermally broken aluminium profile, these doors will create an open, flexible and modern space for both living and working environments.

Glazing solutions to design your ideal home

alley 21 showcases a range of windows and doors from aluminium systems company Reynaers at Home that offer superior design, security and energy efficiency. A combination of the Concept Patio 155 door with the Concept System 86 window creates a home that is coherent, both in terms of appearance and performance. Glazing panels at juxtaposing angles follow the sun through the landscape, filling the rooms with light throughout the day and providing spectacular views of the mountain scenery. The project represents a step away


from urban landscapes, replacing noise with serenity and comfort. Specific variants of the glazing systems, a lift- and-slide door across the front of the home together with high-insulation windows, allow for vast areas of glass even in the harsh climate of Romania.

january/february 2018

The CP 155 is a premium insulating slide or lift-and-slide aluminium door with multiple variations to suit individual project requirements, facilitating extreme dimensions and glass weights up to 400kg. Whilst the lift-and-slide variation will allow users to open huge doors with ease, this can be taken further with automatic opening and a low threshold option for increased building accessibility. For those homeowners who are conscious of energy consumption, the system can be upgraded to High Insulation (HI) – a specific version of CP 155 monorail has achieved the sought- after Swiss Minergie®

component label,

a trademark signifying high quality and low energy in both new and refurbished buildings.

The lift-and-slide door is compatible with CS 86 inward opening aluminium windows, which are also showcased

across Valley 21 – specifically the HI variant. The unique insulation concept not only ensures extreme stability and elevated water-and air-tightness, but also makes it suitable for triple glass applications.

The window is one of the most

energy-efficient available and has also achieved the Swiss Minergie® Minergie-P®

and component label, with a Secured by Design option available.

0121 421 9707 35

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