Johnson and Starley launched their highly successful range of WarmCair condensing warm air heaters, along with their market leading QuanTec range of boilers that can be connected to warm air heater emitter range the Aquair. These units are highly efficient, giving customers significant savings on running costs and will meet all future eco-design regulation requirements. The Aquair takes water from the boiler, and passes it through a heat exchanger which has a fan blowing across it. The Cleanflow

electronic air filtration system, which can remove airborne particles down to one micron from the atmosphere, including cigarette smoke. For more information contact Johnson and Starley.

01604 762881 Tap, Knock, Whack, Bang, Pound, Smash

Whatever type of hammering jobs you have to do, the Hultafors Tools range of Hammers delivers all the power and precision you’ll need. In this new generation range you'll find Ball Hammers, Carpenters’ Hammers, T-Block Hammers, Electrician's Hammers, Sledge Hammers, Dead Blow Hammers and even Copper Hammers.

They’re tools that can handle the toughest work, delivering the best possible levels of precision, performance and safety.

Ergonomically designed for ease of use and with a range of sizes and a special grip technology, these Hammers are perfectly crafted for your needs. Snickers’ new ALLROUND 37.5® Sharp, stylish looks and 37.5®

jacket fabric

technology make this jacket a must for winter on site or outdoor leisurewear. Snickers Workwear continues to lead the way with working clothes that are unrivalled in design, superb functionality and fit. This great-looking quilted jacket is padded with 37.5®

fabric insulation for warmth and

climate control to keep your body warm or comfortably cool when you most need it. With a water-repellent fabric, it can be worn on its own or combined with other Next

Generation working clothes or Outer Layer waterproof Shell Jackets. Fashionable and functional, this jacket has long arm cuffs with thumb grips for warm comfort and a high collar that delvers extra wind protection. Super charge your Adhesive selection

Sika MaxTack Super Charged is the new Super Adhesive from Everbuild – A Sika Company boasting an incredibly fast fixing time of just 20 minutes allowing work to continue without the waiting time. With the ability to bond to almost any surface, Sika MaxTack Super Charged can be used in a multitude of applications both indoors and outdoors, is completely weatherproof and waterproof and will even stick in the wet or underwater. Available in white in a 300ml cartridge, Sika MaxTack Super Charged is

the next level in adhesive technology and just one of the fantastic products within the Sika Pro Select range. For more information please contact the sales office or visit the website.

0113 240 3456

Norcros relaunches its 4 into 1 Grout range

Norcros Adhesives is relaunching its successful 4 into 1 grout range with new improved formulations,new colours, packaging and marketing support. The new products have been reformulated to be both efflorescence-resistant and water-repellant. The formulations contain Norcros Stop Mould Antibacterial additives to protect against mould and discolouration. The new range has been considerably expanded and now includes a total of 15 colours, reflecting current tile trends, in particular the escalating popularity of wood effect tiles. To assist specifiers and architects at the design stage, the colours of the new range can also now be quoted as RAL numbers. Autumn Chestnut, Forest Acorn, Tropical Ebony and Rustic Cedar are the new colours joining the range. They are also supported by a new A4 Colour Samples folder. This comes on a durable heavy duty card. It includes product and application guidance on all Norcros grouts and sealants, including the 4 into 1 range. It also features sample sticks which can be used to test against actual tiles, providing a real benefit for fixers who are looking to coordinate grout lines with their tiling selections. For more information contact Norcros by calling or visit their website.

01782 524140 28

New year, new products

Freefoam Building Products have got off to a cracking start in 2018 with the launch of two new products ranges – Anthracite Grey Round Gutter System and an Acrylic interior panelling range. Colin St John, Commercial Director, explained “We’re delighted to launch these new products at the beginning of the year. It shows our commitment to creating new openings for our customers and these new products will open up new markets and give customers the range to meet demand from both housebuilders and the refurbishment sector”. Acrylic panels – Freefoam has now added a new range of Acrylic panels to augment the product offering. The ultimate modern wall panel giving the perfect balance of style and convenience and the ideal alternative to tiles - saving time and money. Designed to be easy to fit the Acrylic panel range features a unique tongue and groove fitting system. Anthracite rainwater range – The popularity of Ral 7016 Anthracite Grey for windows and doors has been phenomenal over the last few years. The addition of a round gutter system is the next logical step to give Freefoam customers more choice and the flexibility to meet demand from housebuilders and specifiers. For more information contact Freefoam by calling or visit their website.

01604 591110 january/february 2018

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