Safety & security; Smoke & fire protection; Water & damp proofing Concierge system from ISM integrates legacy systems to control Door Entry and more

A new Concierge and Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) solution from Intergrated Security Manufacturing (ISM) is protecting two tower blocks in Haringey, enabling authorised council employees to control door access and manage fire and security systems from anywhere within the council’s estate. Newbury House, Finsbury House, John Keats House and Thomas Hardy House in Wood Green, London, already feature four of ISM’s state-of-the-art Ultimate door entry systems as well as another two, third-party technology systems (Elizabeth Blackwell and George Lansbury) from Entrotec, utilising its Apex Dual path speech technology. Thanks to the Genesys PSIM from ISM, multiple technologies can be controlled, regardless of the manufacturer, providing enhanced security to residents in 510 flats across the six towers. This delivers greater flexibility and control, eliminates the potential disruption caused by installing new equipment, and protects the council’s legacy investment. It also means that further buildings with existing ISM or Entrotec systems can be added as required with only minimal additional investment. Genesys allows the integration not just of door entry systems, but also multiple systems from multiple manufacturers – all from one holistic integrated security system. Every electronic security or fire safety device from CCTV and Intruder Alarms to Electronic Locking and Public Address can be monitored and controlled from a single platform.

01293 529990 Installer selects INTRATONE systems for entire client portfolio

A specialist security installer, Green Gate Access Systems, is rolling out Radio Frequency (RF) receiver equipment manufactured by INTRATONE, one of Europe’s largest access control businesses, across its entire portfolio of 400 clients with secured doors and gates. As well as this, Green Gate Access Systems is also installing Intratone’s audio and video intercom equipment at many sites, and in particular its INTRABOX access control range. The technology comes with a monthly subscription contract (without binding duration) or with a 15-year pre-paid GSM SIM card. All of this and is managed remotely by INTRATONE’s management platform. The systems are operated by proximity reading key fobs, which are also remotely managed. If a user loses their fob, the operator is able to immediately establish its identity and disable it for future use. A new fob is subsequently activated and then despatched. Every time a fob is used the data is sent back to the remote operating platform, giving operators an overview of that particular gate or secured door’s activity. Any unusual activity is therefore easily identified and monitored. Green Gate Access Systems was introduced to INTRATONE by Cardin, which is one of its key distributors, as its Sales Director, Jason Gregg explains: “We have built an excellent relationship with the manufacturer which understands the needs of end-users and removes much of the complexities. INTRATONE’s back-end operating system is easy to use, and is quickly becoming a product of choice for many end users.”

0207 0926 613 De-bug timber with Safeguard Envirograf ® Passive Fire Protection Products CAVITY BARRIERS

Specially Designed for: - Rainscreen Facades - Timber Frame Buildings

Safeguard Europe – one of the UK’s leading specialists in damp-proofing and waterproofing technology – has produced a superb guide on the problem of larval infestation of timber, how to accurately identify the cause and how to treat it. Safeguard’s Woodworm Identification and Treatment volume is packed with detailed colour photography on the likely species to be encounter in Britain – and through all their life stages, from larvae to adult. The guide covers how to check whether a woodworm infestation is still active or has died out, and how to treat minor infestations of common species effectively, and for the long term.

01403 210 204 Aico expands Mobile Training fleet COMPLY WITH REGULATIONS Call: 01304 842 555 Email:

Aico Ltd., a market leader in residential Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarms, has launched a third Mobile Training & Demonstration Unit to meet customer demand and introduced online tracking for customers to locate their nearest Unit. The Mobile Training & Demonstration Units have been created to enable Aico to deliver detailed Smoke and CO Alarm product and technology information. Information boards on all Aico technologies, such as RadioLINK+ and AudioLINK data extraction technologies, and alarm ranges - with fully functional product attached - are installed within the units, along with a virtual video tour of the company’s manufacturing process in Shannon, Ireland. 48 | HMM January 2018 |

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