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Glazpart – Launch trickle vent for the replacement and improvement market


oday house owners are looking for those quality final touches to dress their windows which are not only a significant

investment but are a highly visible part of the building fabric. Over time though inevitably trickle vents get damaged. The kids hang off them, footballs miss the goal and accidents just happen! Just think how many hundreds and thousands of vents are needed across the country! So, you want new vents, what do you do?

Where can the home owner get a replacement? This is where the problems start. What size is it, will it fit over the routs, how do I fit it, can I do the DIY can I get the vents to match the window colour? With well over 100 different products on the market most end up with unsightly gaffer tape. For the trade, especially trade counters,

distributors and stockists they have the same problems. How can they stock every vent on the

off chance of a walk-in for that vent on the shelf? That’s why in general the vents end up as a different type as it just happens to be the only one stocked and who would buy a minimum quantity for the same reason. Many installed windows also have those old

standard 4 colours fitted to them, brown on Golden Oak, yellow on Irish oak , black on grey and how many other mismatched solid colours against the frame. Most will be white but the Glazpart new vent is available to order from stock in over 30 colours including woodgrains…all without you spraying. So, there are a vast quantity of installed

damaged, mismatched colour vents that don’t work all leading to poor air quality and look terrible. Therefore, an RMI (Repair, Maintenance and Improvement) product to address these issues would be ideal. That’s where Glazpart comes in with the Link

vent Mk2, packaged and branded under Glazpart’s highly successful Packers for Professionals product range for counter sales. If as a trade counter, stockist, hardware shop

or distributor you were able to stock one product, that fits the majority of installed window routs and could replace the majority of the damaged, trickle vents installed in frames. Your customers or installers could DIY fit them as

an RMI product in many thousands could you sell a year. Taking a closer look at the

Link vent Mk2 (5000) which is close to the size of a traditional 4000 vent. You will see 13 fixing positions which would look odd to most? However; put the vent up to the window, fit the 4 clips (in the bag) where there is a rout and push fit the vent in seconds (if needed fit with screws into the frame material) and you are done. The Link vent Mk2 (2500) with 2 clips replaces a traditional 2000 vent, both fitting 10mm to 13mm rout heights. So, one vent product in two

sizes fits all and could grow your footfall and walk-in’s whilst not significantly increasing your stock. Installers can now carry a couple of repair

vents for those occasional RMI jobs with the confidence they will fit most surface mounted applications.

01295 264533

Senior gives Chester rooms with a view

A new student accommodation scheme in Chester is making the most of its picturesque canalside location thanks to an attractive glazing package from Senior Architectural Systems. The Towpath development offers modern student accommodation facilities across two four-storey and one three-storey blocks. Senior’s aluminium curtain walling, windows and doors were specified for use on all three buildings of the new development. Senior’s thermally- efficient SPW600e windows and SPW600 doors were chosen for the use within the individual apartments, many of which feature attractive balconies that overlook the canal. The communal areas of the scheme feature Senior’s robust SPW501 aluminium doors. The facades of the individual buildings have been created using different materials, with a striking mix of traditional brickwork, pre-coated zinc cladding and cedar timber cladding. Owing to the close proximity of the new student accommodation development to existing properties on the canalside, the acoustic performance of the fenestration package was also a key consideration. Senior’s SPW600e aluminium windows provided the ideal solution to meeting the various acoustic requirements across each of the three building. 38 | HMM January 2018 | Door closer enhances fire safety

British designed and manufactured, Powermatic controlled, concealed door closers from Samuel Heath tick all the right boxes when it comes to fire safety and are particularly suitable for social housing applications.

Powermatics carry the CE mark, meet the requirements for one-hour and half-hour fire doors under BS EN 1634-1 and boast Certifire accreditation.

In addition to impressive fire performance credentials, Powermatic closers are totally concealed when the door is closed. This not only helps to create a more homely interior, but also enhances the reliability of fire doors by reducing the risk of damage through vandalism or tampering, which could render the fire door useless.

Powermatic’s appeal to the social housing sector is further enhanced by its ability to enable doors to meet accessibility requirements.

0121 766 4200

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