Heating & renewable energy Care Home keeps warm with new system

Sheffield based plumbing and heating firm Pro Plumbers 24-7 has installed a new heating system in a care home in Rotherham, including a BoilerMag XT industrial boiler filter. The filter has achieved outstanding results for the care home. The BoilerMag XT is ideal for large heating systems, providing heating system protection by preventing the build-up of ferrous oxide and scale, reducing energy bills, increasing boiler life, and reducing maintenance call outs. The XT also includes an automatic air vent, which greatly reduces the potentially damaging effects of air accumulating in a heating system. With the range available from 2” to 12”, the XT unit has a large collection capacity.

0114 225 0600 Prepare your home for Winter

In the UK, our Winter conditions adversely affect many homes, causing water pipes to expand and rupture in properties and ultimately causing irrevocable damage, as well as triggering what has been reported as the most common type of homeowner insurance claim during the winter period – the escape of water, as a result of burst water pipes. That said, this widespread household winter insurance claim could be avoided through some basic preparation tips. Traditionally brass stopcocks have been the control valve for a home’s mains water supply, however they are not always located in the easiest of places to reach and due to being susceptible to limescale damage, can be quite difficult to turn off in an emergency. For older residents or those with varying abilities especially, this poses a huge problem particularly during winter, when pipes are more prone to bursting. There is however now a modern alternative to brass stopcocks, Polypipe Surestop stopcock. Fitted in easy to reach places, the Surestop stopcock features a lockdown button, that can be simply and easily pressed to instantly stop the water supply. There are no electrics or batteries involved, it works purely on the water pressure and it will not seize up or be affected by limescale – unlike brass. The Surestop stopcock is also available with a version that includes a discreet, remote lockdown switch, that could be fitted in a kitchen cupboard or surface area, for even easier access and visibility.

08456 431800 Best-ever filter launched by Sentinel

Meeting customer demand for superior heating system protection products is what Sentinel has been doing for 30 years – and its latest major innovation is no exception. The new Sentinel Eliminator Vortex300 Filter has not only been independently verified to collect more magnetic debris on continuous pass than any other compact filter on the market, but is also the company’s most compact, robust, and easy to install and service filter to date. What’s more, the Eliminator Vortex300 filter eliminates all of the major problems installers face with most other brand filters, such as leaks and difficult handling.

01928 704330 New ESi heating controls brochure

Heating controls manufacturer and distributor ESi has released its brand new heating controls range brochure introducing its new five series range designed to be fully interchangeable by the home owner. The latest ESRTP5 range is packed with energy saving features designed to save the homeowner money by lowering their fuel bills. It includes the ESRTP5RF 5 series Wifi programmable room thermostat which provides seamless control at home or from your mobile or tablet. ESi Controls is one of the fastest growing designers and manufacturers of heating controls in the UK.

01280 816868 44 | HMM January 2018 | Uponor supply HIUs to McCarthy & Stone

Uponor has supplied custom-specified heat interface units (HIU) for two retirement living developments in Southsea, Hampshire, and St Albans, Hertfordshire, as part of a solution jointly developed by McCarthy & Stone, the plumbing contractor and Uponor. The units will help deliver maximum energy efficiency from the four 150kW and three 120kW gas boilers installed as a central plant, helping McCarthy & Stone achieve its objectives of maximising comfort for residents while minimising operational costs and service charges. The Uponor MLC plumbing range has also been included in the specification for all water distribution networks.

01923 927 020

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