you realize the unthinkable has hap- pened. A deep, sinking feeling sets in; you can’t find your passport. How will you get home? What do you do now? After you tear everything apart and


search in vain again, you will need to contact the nearest Government of Canada office to report your pass- port as lost/stolen. You can check for the office nearest you. An emergency travel document or temporary passport can be provided to you if you find yourself stranded in a foreign country and in urgent need. Certain government offices may issue a temporary passport to use while you are waiting to get your regular passport. Te issuing office will determine how long the tem- porary passport will be valid up to a maximum of one year. Emergency travel documents are issued in urgent cases where a tem- porary passport cannot be attained. Tese documents have a limited va- lidity. Tey will allow you to return to Canada or travel to the nearest full-service Canadian government office abroad. If you lose your passport at home Should you happen to realize that

your passport is missing while in Canada you can apply for urgent and express services in person at any passport office. Tese services are not available at all locations and re- quire proof of travel for this service. Additional fees will apply but urgent pick-up service may be completed by the end of the next business day and express-pick up within two to nine business days. It is advisable to not book travel until after your pass- port has arrived. You’ve been down this road before

Canada’s passport security does

not recognize a difference between a lost or stolen passport, in either instance the passport may be used for false purposes. Only the pass- port holder (or legal parent/guard- ian in the case of a child) can report it missing. You will be required to

ou’re at the end of a beautiful two-week long getaway and are packing up your belongings when

Lost or stolen passport?

Immediately report the details of your lost or stolen passport in Canada: Government of Canada’s Passport Program at 1.800.567.6868 (TTY services: 1.866.255.7655).

Outside of Canada: Visit the nearest Government of Canada office or call the passport program at: 819.997.8338 (Hours of operation: Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time).

For a lost or stolen refugee travel document and certificate of iden- tity: Call 1.888.242.2100 (TTY services: 1.888.576.8502)

Found it! If you happen to find a lost passport, or your own reported lost passport, you should return it to a Passport Canada Office, local Police Service, RCMP station or the nearest Government of Canada office outside of the country with a letter describing how, when and where you found it. The passport will not be valid for travel. It can also be returned by registered mail or courier to: Centralized Network – Passport Protection, 3rd floor Gatineau, QC K1A 1L1 Canada

Damaged passports. Should your passport become damaged you will need to apply for a new one in order to travel. A passport is considered damaged if it is hard to identify the holder, it looks like it has been changed or falsified, has torn or missing pages, pages with unauthor- ized markings and so on. Airlines and border authorities may not allow you to board your flight or prevent your entry or exit from the country based on the condition of your passport. A general application must be filled out when replacing a damaged passport, no renewals will be accepted and time will not accumulate on your new passport.

confirm your identification, and re- port the circumstances of the loss or theft. As soon as your passport is reported missing it will be cancelled and reported to law enforcement and custom agents. If you’ve had more than one pass- port lost, stolen or damaged you may

be asked to provide proof of travel before a new one is issued to you, have limitations put on your pass- port’s validity or be refused a new passport. A passport is your most important

travel document, so keep it safe both at home and while travelling.

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Photo by Jeff Nelson.

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