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the season starts. This is a fantastic natural supple- ment. The milk thistle is part of the daisy family. The black seeds have been used for thousands of years to treat chronic liver disease and inflammation of the liver brought on by excess alcohol. Milk thistle has antioxidant ability. Antioxidants are able to remove toxic chemicals called free radicals from the body. It also benefits the liver by promoting regeneration and repair of the liver cells. People under stress – hello? It’s Christmas! – will gain maximum benefit from this herb which acts as a tonic to lessen stressful conditions of the body. Taking it all year round wouldn’t hurt. When you go to a party try to be clever in the way

you eat. Choose the canapés that are protein heavy. Shrimp or smoked salmon - Good; bread and cheese Bad. Munch away on crudités to your hearts delight but avoid the dips that are trying to tempt you. Be strong. Yes, it’s the holidays and you should indulge to some extent. I don’t want to be a killjoy, so try to be good say 70% of the time and eat the brie and crack- ers 30% of the time. Now to the dreaded champagne. The good news

is that it is significantly lower in calories than oth- er wines – about 70 calories a glass. However, it is legendary in its ability to hasten the feeling of being drunk as the bubbles get to work on an empty stom- ach. It is a newly discovered fact that the first glass out of the bottle will be the most potent! So if you want to dance on the tables be quick when the cork is popped. Artichoke Extract is a plant-based vitamin that helps

alleviate the effects of rich and fatty foods by breaking down the fat, settling nausea and bloating. It also slows digestion, controlling blood sugar and therefore energy levels after drinking. Allow a few hours between eating and going to bed.

Try to do some light exercise such as walking home to stimulate the digestion process. If you are still buzzing then relax with a herbal tea such as camomile. Camomile has an anti-inflamma- tory effect on the stomach, is a mild sedative and an anti ulcer remedy. This wonder tea is very effective at calming the nervous system. So you will be offsetting some of the downside of heavy eating and drinking whilst aiding a good night’s sleep. Remember to take off all your make-up as thor- oughly as possible. If you are in a devil-may-care



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mood then just use a cleansing wipe. Even have them ready by the bed so there are no excuses. In fact, while you are putting the wipes on your nightstand make a little arsenal of recovery goods. Make sure to have a large glass and a bottle of still water ready. If you manage to use the lip balm and hand cream that are already there, as previously directed by this writer, then you will be awarded extra brownie points and wake up feeling super virtuous. The next morning use an exfoliating product then a quick reviving masque. Follow up with your most intense moisturiser and eye cream. Give your face the day off from make-up.

Have a wonderful Christmas whatever the weather. Happy Christmas, Readers, Happy Christmas



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