BUILDING FABRIC & EXTERIORS Another flat roof window innovation

The FAKRO Type G flat roof window combines the aesthetics of the Red Dot Award-winning Type F with the illumination quality of a DEC domed window. It has a P2 glazing unit (P4 anti-burglary glazing is optional) and offers the best U-value of any standard flat roof window - 0.92 W/m2


The Type G achieves Class 4 EN12207 for air permeability and, through use of a patented rainwater drainage system, it can be installed at pitches as low

as 2°. Nine standard sizes are available to facilitate replacement of existing skylight profiles with non-standard sizes available to special order.

01283 554755 Xtralite throws light on home refurbishment

A detached dwelling located on a Finchley Road within an exclusive area of the city of London had been recently acquired by new owners and a full modernisation and refurbishment project was designed. One such feature was the use of rooflights to allow more natural light to penetrate a ground floor bedroom whilst also being sturdy enough to walk on from the balcony area above. Xtralite was chosen for its ability to provide high quality rooflights and

robust solutions to rooflight issues. Xtralite was able to provide the perfect solution to this with its X Glaze traversable rooflight, which also delivered thermal qualities and strength. Hands-free operation

Schueco BlueCon is an access control module that uses Bluetooth wireless technology to enable a Smartphone to communicate directly with the door, causing the latter to open at the approach of an authorised user. The Smartphone app will activate the door lock as soon as the user comes within four metres of the door. The convenience of this in everyday life – for example when a person is laden down with shopping – means

Schueco UK expects BlueCon to prove very popular with end-users. If the Smartphone is lost, unauthorised access can be prevented. For more information please contact Schueco. Let the daylight flood in…

Don’t you feel just so good when it’s a sunny day outside. The days are longer, brighter… you feel full of life – those darker, winter days long forgotten. Evidence suggests it’s important you get that feel good factor inside your home too. “Let the sun’s rays stream in to your home – they’re good for you.” says Stuart Judge, managing director of Crittall Windows, makers of steel window frames and doors for almost 170 years. “Our homes play a big part in our sense of well-being from the healthy pattern of light, dark and shade. Their design, how they are lit internally, and openings to natural outside light through windows and doors really do impact; to positively balance inside too little, or too much, light, shade, glare and privacy.” Crittall brings a further dimension to interiors through its minimalist style windows and its InnerVision glazed steel partitioning screens. Designed with modern living in mind, they provide a sense of space, light, understated beauty, with clean lines, subtle detailing, excellent technical properties. Elegantly slender, the slim steel framing, with single or double opening doors, is unobtrusive. Combining style with functionality, a distinguished-looking installation makes a wonderful talking point. For the kitchen, en-suite or home office they visually enhance living space and functionality. Chilly draughts are prevented, warmth kept-in for year-round comfort.

01376 530800 38 november/december 2017 Steel windows create connected space

Two large sets of steel windows and doors have created a feeling of space in a kitchen extension to a late 19th


Victorian terrace house in a Conservation Area close to Tufnell Park in North London. The screens, from Steel Window Association member, Steel Window Service and Supplies, also allowed the new work to blend with the existing interior design and the many original features of the house while ensuring a high level of security.

Steel Window Services and Supplies created full working drawings before being commissioned to manufacture the near identical screens, each measuring over 4m wide by some 2.4m high. Cor-Vision Plus takes centre stage

Alumen’s recently launched sliding aluminium door set, Cor-Vision Plus, has taken centre stage in their brand-new showroom, following their recent expansion to a new 15,000 ft2

facility in

Kettering. “The Cor-Vision Plus offers 94 per cent glass area with only 25 mm sightlines. It is a real game changer and why we have chosen it to be centrepiece of our new showroom,” comments Alan Robinson, Alumen’s MD. “The Cor-Vision Plus is the first system we are fabricating

from the Spanish aluminium giants Cortizo, and we’re one of the first fabricators to launch to the UK market. It has been designed to offer uninterrupted, expansive glass areas thanks to its slim sightlines.” Clever living from the screen experts

Phantom Screens are gaining in popularity due to the trend for larger openings and bi-fold doors. Its retractable power screens cover openings up to seven metres wide, the perfect solution for new build projects and contemporary extensions. Get more from the evenings with Phantom Screens; enjoy thermal comfort gains made by retaining heat in the evenings and deflecting energy during the day. Make savings on HVAC costs, and benefit from

insect free ventilation. A range of technical fabrics is available including insect meshes, solar shading, blackout, and privacy screens. To find out more, please contact Phantom Screens.

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