SITE PREPARATION Tap, Knock, Whack, Bang, Pound, Smash

Whatever type of hammering jobs you have to do, the Hultafors Tools range of Hammers delivers all the power and precision you’ll need. In this new generation range you'll find Ball Hammers, Carpenters' Hammers, T-Block Hammers, Electrician's Hammers, Sledge Hammers, Dead Blow Hammers and even Copper Hammers. They're tools that can handle the toughest work, delivering the best possible levels of precision, performance and

safety. Ergonomically designed for ease of use and with a range of sizes and a special grip technology, these Hammers are perfectly crafted for your needs. Safety Shoes – Ideal For Winter

Solid Gear and Toe Guard safety shoes and boots are fast becoming among the most popular brands choice among discerning tradesmen and women. There’s over 30 products to choose from that integrate modern designs and sporty looks with best in class materials for comfort, protection and durability. Light, safe fibre-glass toecaps won’t conduct the cold while our new composite plates are made of technical fibres that are lighter and thinner but still

stronger than their predecessors. While Goretex forms part of the uppers to make them highly breathable, they’re also water repellent and waterproof to keep your feet dry. The right choice, the bright choice

Check out the newest and brightest working clothes from Snickers for the Autumn and Winter months in the new User Catalogue. There’s superb new Snickers products coming your way to make working in the worst of weather so much easier and comfortable – all of them incorporating the very latest in market-leading designs and fabric technology. There’s brand new 37.5 high- tech Undergarments, plus Jackets, Trousers and Accessories added to the

RUFFWork, FLEXIWork and ALLROUND clothing families. Plus a brand new range of Hi-Vis garment collection for maximum safety and wellbeing on site. Plastering simplified with Knauf ProRoll

With its brand new roller-applied range of finishing and surface-levelling ready- mixed plasters, Knauf has introduced ProRoll, a new quick, clean and efficient way of plastering residential homes and smaller projects. Suited to both smooth and textured backgrounds, Knauf ProRoll is applied to surfaces using a 9-inch medium pile roller and extension pole as required, ensuring a quick and easy installation while reducing the physical effort required of plastering. Pre-mixed,

Knauf ProRoll can be applied directly from the tub, producing only a fraction of the mess of a traditional plaster product. In addition, any excess material can simply be removed from a surface and recycled.

SAE joist hanger – four million and counting

This Autumn, construction connector manufacturer Simpson Strong- Tie is celebrating the pressing of its four millionth ‘SAE’ joist hanger.

The UK’s most versatile, heavy duty timber connector is going from (load bearing) strength to strength, increasing in popularity as builders opt for a connector solution to suit a wider variety of applications, is easy to install and comfortably capable of supporting higher loads.

UK Marketing Manager, Chris Sanders explains: “The SAE is something of a fan favourite; it can either be nailed to solid and engineered joists , or bolted directly onto masonry, comes with an impressive load bearing capacity and can support joist widths from 38mm right up to 200mm while offering up to 20.9kN of safe working load – making the SAE an easy fit for most situations. The rate we’re making them, we could be celebrating the five million mile stone before long”.

01827 255600 24 november/december 2017

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