Plant acquisition to close UK biomass power loop


n 31 August, it was announced that Los Angeles-based Aren- sis, an international

provider of off-grid energy genera- tion, has bought the Verdo pellet plant in Grangemouth, Scotland. The acquisition, part of a £50 million UK investment plan, gives Arensis a sustainable, carbon- neutral fuel supply for its biomass energy generation.

Arensis provides off-grid, sustainable, carbon neutral energy generation to customers around the world using market-leading biomass energy generators from Entrade, its German manufacturer and sister company. With 185 power systems in operation across the UK, Arensis currently delivers 85% of all small-scale biomass generation in the country. These biomass generators rely on a reliable supply of clean, sustainable fuel. The Verdo pellet plant, purchased from Verdo Renewables, creates more than 60,000 tonnes of wood pellets per year, allowing Arensis to meet growing customer demand. The pellets made at the plant are of high quality, producing

Left to right: Stuart Banks, EVP; Nick Tarditti, CFO; and Julien Uhlig, CEO of both Arensis and Entrade.

more energy than some imported pellets, and are entirely renewable, being sourced from the area’s sustainably-grown virgin timber. In fact, it is one of the only UK pellet producers to use just local materials.This acquisition is an important part

of Arensis’ UK plan to ensure a reliable supply of renewable fuel and thus underpin its growth by providing customers with complete confidence in the energy security of Arensis systems. Arensis will also install 30 Entrade biomass generators at

the pellet plant site itself to power manufacturing operations, reducing the carbon footprint further. It will maintain all jobs at the Verdo plant and hopes to boost employment in the near future.

Stuart Banks, Executive Vice- President of UK Operations and former Plant Director of the Grangemouth site, said: “By bringing the Verdo pellet plant into Arensis’ portfolio, we can streamline the entire process of off-grid energy generation, integrating fuel production, technology deployment, logistics and project management into one sustainable, country level operation”.

Julien Uhlig, CEO of Arensis and Entrade, stated: “This development is really significant for our business growth in the UK and for our ability to help UK companies cut their emissions. Verdo’s pellets are by far the best we tested in the UK, offering

Entrade biomass units made in Germany. 6 Autumn 2017


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