INDUSTRY NEWS Helsinki Airport is carbon-neutral T

he carbon footprint of Helsinki Airport is now officially zero and it has received the international

Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) certificate for this achievement.

“The ACA certificate awarded to Helsinki Airport is an important milestone in the implementation of Finavia’s accelerated climate programme at our airports. Our climate programme comprises a

number of different measures, but Helsinki Airport plays a key role in the reduction of emissions,” explained Mikko Viinikainen, Finavia’s Sustainable Development Director.

At a practical level, getting the certificate has required extensive reviews, continuous improvements in Finavia’s emissions efficiency and offsetting of residual emissions. According to Viinikainen, before an

airport is awarded the top ACA accreditation, it must review its own emissions and those

Fibria and Spinnova join forces

It has been announced that Brazilian forestry company Fibria, the leading producer of eucalyptus pulp, is to acquire 18% of Spinnova, a Finnish start-up developing wood to fabrics technology, and the two companies will work together in the development, production and

marketing of new materials using Spinnova’s technologies. They were brought together in a partnership search process managed by Pöyry. This is an example of Pöyry’s choice to work closely with the start-up scene from bio to digital. Pöyry’s role in Spinnova’s partnership development

assignment was to help find the right industrial partner for the company, including potential partner analysis, partner relationship development, negotiations and contractual advice. At the end of the process, Fibria and Spinnova came together for new opportunities in technology

generated by other operators in the facility. The reduction of carbon dioxide emissions to zero has been achieved through vigorous efforts that have been continuing for many years. In July, Finavia started using renewable diesel fuel in vehicles operating at the airport. The buses travelling between the terminal and aircraft are fuelled by biodiesel produced entirely from waste and residues.

development, testing and piloting in pre-commercial scale of new high-value products. In such a process, being able to support a start-up necessitates a trusted position among global forest cluster companies from biomass to end-users, extensive market understanding and knowledge of innovative technologies, all of which Pöyry has put much effort into developing.


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