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Maine Coastal News Volume 30 Issue 9 September 2017 FREE L B R S C  P

In the fi nal race of the day at Long Island we see Steve Johnson’s LYNN MARIE literally fl ying up the course with her Chevy engine just screaming.

FRIENDSHIP – The weather was absolutely perfect, bright sunshine, slight breeze out of the northwest and no humidity. So why at 0900 hrs. did I have just two people signed up for the Friendship Lobster Boat Races on 23 July? Then they slowly started to show up and by 1000 hrs. 41 race entrants were signed up including Shawn Alley’s LITTLE GIRLS and Cameron Crawford’s WILD WILD WEST, in a much anticipated rematch. The 2017 Friendship Lobster Boat Rac-

es were dedicated to David A. Reckards, Jr., who helped with the races for years when they were fi rst started, along with his wife Penny. Unfortunately, David lost his battle with cancer earlier this Spring. In the fi rst race of the day, Work Boat

Class A there were two boats on the line and the winner was Caleb Young’s ANDREW J. II. In Class B no one had anything for Frank Bennett’s NADEN. In the fi nal Work Boat race, Class C Walker and Wyatt Simmons’ LOBSTER CATCHER got the win. In the fi ve Gasoline Classes there were

six entrants, one in each of the fi rst three classes and three in Class D. The big race was in Class D as the spectators were anx- ious to see LITTLE GIRLS and just how close would the others be to her. It was close between LITTLE GIRLS and Stevie Johnson’s LYNN MARIE. In Diesel Class B it was Matthew Tay- lor’s new C-GIRL [Flower’s 33, 200-hp

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John Deere] winning the class. It was no surprise to see Nick Wiberg’s MISS KATIE come fl ying up the side of the course as the winner of Class E. There was no question who would win Class F as Ed Torosian’s MS. ROSE came to the line with Tony Hooper’s LIBERTY. After winning her fi rst race at Stonington, Andrew Taylor’s new BLUE EYED GIRL [Morgan Bay 38, 900-hp Scania] would best Jeff Eaton’s LA BELLA VITA. Missing in Class L was Tom Clem- on’s MOTIVATION, which had developed an electrical issue the night before. WILD WILD WEST would win this class uncon- stested. In the last Diesel Class race of the day, Class N, there were fi ve entrants. It was the Simmons’ against Marshall Spear and he was up to the challenge in his JACALWA winning by a boat length. Second went to Jeromy Simmons’ AVERY & ALDEN and third went to Keith Simmons’ HEATHER & ISAAC. Next up was the Fastest Friendship

Lobster Boat Race, which had just the four Simmons’ on the line. The top boat was AV- ERY & ALDEN, followed by HEATHER &

ISAAC. In the Gasoline Free-for-All LITTLE

GIRLS would be the favourite to win and she was leading the other three racers to the fi nish when her engine died about 50 yards from the fi nish. She still had headway, but not enough to get the win as LYNN MARIE slipped by. Four boats were on the line for the Die-

sel Free-for-All and the favourite was WILD WILD WEST and she did not fail to show the way to the fi nish. Unfortunately we would not have the

rematch we all had hoped for between LIT- TLE GIRLS and WILD WILD WEST in the fi nal race of the day, Fastest Lobster Boat. Four boats were on the line and even though LYNN MARIE got out of the hole fastest, it did not take WILD WILD WEST long to catch her and get by for the win. It is now onto Winter Harbor on the 12th

of August.

WINTER HARBOR – The seventh race on the Maine Lobster Boat Racing Circuit was held at Winter Harbor, and is one of the most

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popular on the circuit. Over the years their draw is a large prize or two and this year was no exception as they were giving away a two-year lease on a 2017 GMC pick-up truck.

Mother Nature was also going to play

her part as when we arrived on the dock the fog was thick and it was raining on and off . Despite this the sign-ups were going strong. When all was tabulated we had 103 signed up.

In the Gasoline Classes we know that

Shawn Alley’s LITTLE GIRLS would be a no show. At Friendship she developed an engine issue. They fi gured the problem may have happened the night before when they were running her off Beals Island and they had a transmission issue and she revved up to over 8,000 rpms. The initial diagnosis was bent valves and after they were replaced they still had an issue. They dropped the oil pan and found a connecting rod had broken and after a discussion that meant they were done. There were just four boats in the fi ve

Gasoline Classes: two in Class B; one in Class C and another one in Class D. They all were sent down together and when the fl ag dropped THUNDERBOLT jumped out into the lead with BLACK DIAMOND just off her stern. Now up was the Diesel Classes. In Class

A the favourite was Erick Blackwood’s Continued on Page 4.

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