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Purifying our Life Considering this month’s focus on Rethinking Cancer and senior writer Linda Sechrist’s exploration of how to “Live Cancer Free” made me revisit the loss of several family members to this mysteri- ous disease and wonder how body, mind and spirit may all play into prevention and healing; it seems to be a balancing act of all three. Stem cell biologist Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., author of The Biol-

ogy of Belief, and other epigenetic researchers support the point that “‘environmental signals’ that directly affect our DNA expres- sion include our thoughts, emotions, belief system, exposure to sunlight, exercise and everything we put into our body. Such new science shatters the idea that we are vic- tims of our genes and environment. It shines light on the fact that we have tremendous power to shape and direct our own physical health. Our entire lifestyle is pivotal.” I trust this excerpt whets your appetite to read more. I find this new view

affords an empowering approach to healing and keeping ourselves healthy primar- ily through what we ingest and digest through our mind. For many years, my big focus had been on supporting body and soul, with little understanding of spirit or emphasis on the mind. I privately resisted meditation even as I talked about it pub- lically. I felt justified in chewing over the same thoughts again and again, thinking it would eventually lead to some great realization. What I instead discovered is the truth of Albert Einstein’s axiom: “We can’t solve

problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” I real- ized that by not taking the time to quiet my mind each day and allow the universe in to work its magic, I was stubbornly resisting the very medicine that would do me good. I’m now of the school that our thoughts create our reality at every level. The

only way to manage the content of consciousness is through spiritual practice. My choice of meditation as my preferred practice can only be achieved through com- mitted discipline. The monkey mind milieu will give us a hundred reasons to yield to distractions and delays if we let it. This false mind is used to running the show and doesn’t give way easily. We must learn not to listen to it because it does us no favors. A mind purged of the monkey mind and the circus it creates is the antidote

to worldly chaos and the road to replacing it with clarity and progress. There are countless resources guiding us in our search for the best spiritual practice for us. My challenge was deciding which kind of meditation to choose, which threatened another “out” for me. What finally worked in my case was to join a local group that holds me accountable for truly practicing what I preach. I am grateful.

Many blessings to you and yours, Shelly Searle, Publisher

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