JOAN L SEFCIK, DDS, PA 4104 Marathon Blvd 512-453-6337

Dr. Sefcik has been practicing family biological and holistic dental den- tistry for over 30 years. Her specialty is to safely remove toxic metals and infections, while minimizing expo- sure and by using biocompatible ma- terials and supplements to help obtain optimal health. See ad, page 14.


GREY MATTER NETWORK Jennifer Norris-Nielsen, MSc, BCH, CI 512-969-6306

Hypnosis for success. Gentle and ef- fective solutions to problems with stress, weight, smoking, school, health, relationships, sports, self-es- teem. Call or email in confidence cer- tified Consulting Hypnotist, Jennifer Norris-Nielsen. For information or to book an appointment: See ad, page 6.


BRAVE NEW LOVE COACHING Noelle Davis Downtown Austin 512-766-5329

Are you experiencing heartache or anger related to a break up or di- vorce? Do you yearn to be in a lov- ing and committed relationship but feel afraid to open your heart again? As a certified coach, Noelle is ready to guide you in a proven method for breaking toxic patterns, healing your heart and becoming magnetic to love. Free consultation. See ad, page 6.


MARLENE MUELLER, MA Psychic Medium 802-279-9283

I’m a medium trained at a school in Sedona, AZ. With the help of spirit guides, I tune into your past, present and future life. I’m always delighted when asked to bring fourth passed loved ones for communications. Call

me anytime for a free sample of my skills. If un- available when you call, I will always call you back.



DEER LAKE LODGE AND SPA 10500 Deer Lake Lodge Rd Montgomery, TX 77316 936-647-1383

All-natural, organic, resort and spa. Semi-fast jucing cleanse, raw food classes, yoga, life en- hancement classes and a vari- ety of natural spa and salon

services. See ad, back cover. OXYGEN THERAPY

ATX HYPERBARICS & ATX IV 5656 Bee Caves Rd, Ste C-103 512-953-9421

We are a state-of-the-art oxy- gen therapy clinic, which in- cludes Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) and External Counter Pulsation Therapy

(ECP). These are non-invasive technological perfor- mance enhancing treatments that will improve your health and well-being. Clinical studies have shown improvements in dozens of chronic conditions brought on by poor circulation using these therapies. Athletes, oxygen is your fuel! See ad, page 24.


PARENTERS 512-790-3715

Parenters provides consult- ing services that focus on the overall well-being of fam- ilies, specializing in parent- ing support. We work with

parents in-home offering personalized guidance and education on topics of child development and family nutrition, to learning and education, as well as special education support and child- parent relationships.


NANCY RUSH Personal and Space Clearing, Feng Shui

If you are ready to release old pat- terns and stress, embrace new possi- bilities and manifest abundantly, en- ergy clearing and feng shui can help you make rapid and dramatic shifts. As a certified

practitioner, Nancy

uses the tools of intuitive guidance, transformative clearing and feng shui to release negative energy and create balance, so you can thrive in life, rela- tionships, work and spirit.


DREAM BEAUTIFUL Sharon Hudson 512-762-5577

Empower yourself and your kids to have big and beautiful dreams that will manifest. My mission is to en- lighten youth to the power of the mind through personal coaching and workshops. I teach skills such as positive self-talk, power shifting and meditation to children and parents to help them live a life of love, light and purpose.


DITI IMAGING 1101 S Capital of Texas Hwy, Bldg K, Ste 100 866-409-2506

Digital thermography is a “do no harm” approach to breast screening and early detection that does not require a doc- tor’s referral and is totally pain free— nothing touches the body. Early detec- tion is important, and thermography is a great way to help identify an abnormal physiology. When used with other procedures, the best possible evaluation of breast health is made. See ad, page 7.


BELLA GREEN 512-701-5257 • 210-251-5766

Looking to buy a Tiny House? Want to see how they work? Need a peaceful B&B escape in the Hill Country with exceptional views? Enjoy the hills, the stars, the am- biance, organic artisan breakfasts, optional spa and more. Come see what it would be like to live in what Forbes calls, “The Most Beautiful Tiny House in the World!” See ad, page 7.


PURE YOGA TEXAS Various locations 888-245-0726

Austin’s premier original hot yoga studio since 2003, offer- ing PURE26 “Bikram Method” classes, suitable for beginning and advanced students. 90 min-

utes at 105 degrees. Also try the PURE40 Level 1 class, more postures comfortably paced at 100 de- grees. Change your body, mind and life. No flexibil- ity required!

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.

~Frank Lloyd Wright 30 Austin Edition

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