Connecting you to the leaders in natural health care & green living in our community.


BEYOND THERAPY Jo Eckler, PsyD, RYT 2111 Dickson Dr, Ste 22 512-368-7784

As a licensed clinical psychologist with a decade of experience in trauma- focused therapy, registered yoga teach- er, energy worker, and death and mourning doula, Dr. Jo combines the best of modern Western techniques with ancient practices to create a safe, welcoming, and compassionate space for healing on all levels, all the way to the end of life.


AWAKEN AUSTIN Stacey Lemire Martin Mastery Level Higher Brain Living Facilitator 512-769-4345

Higher Brain Living is a revolution- ary personal transformation system which uses the latest knowledge and research available in neuroscience and quantum physics to shift energy from the fear-based lower brain into the pre-frontal cortex, releasing stress and un- leashing creativity. This physiological change is the “missing link” in all personal development practices. Unleash your potential through the pow- er of your brain.


NATURAL SPARK CONSULTING Joseph Rea Coach, Business Consultant, Copywriter 512-514-4991

Health & Wellness Coaches/Practitio- ners – It’s tough building a stream of incoming clients, and finding consistent demand for your services. In the age of information overload, how do you stand out? Modern times call for a high-

ly targeted message. I’ll provide you with a process to attract clients naturally and have them begging for your services.


GENE FUESSEL – NMLS ID #181064 9430 Research Blvd, Echelon IV, Ste 120 Office: 512-872-2004 • Direct: 512-733-6207

A home mortgage is one of the largest financial decisions you will make. With integrity, attention to detail and genuine nature, I am honored to educate, empow- er and guide you through this process to ensure the loan you choose aligns with

you and your needs. Whether you are buying a new home, vacation home, investment property or refinanc- ing, I am here to help. Over 25 years of professional busi- ness experience and trusted advisor to peers and other industry professionals. Austin resident for over 40 years.


VELA CORPORATE WELLNESS Sandra Vela, MAOM, SPHR Employee Wellness Effectiveness Expert North Austin, 956-351-0825

How effective is your company’s em- ployee wellness program? Is it meet- ing the needs of your employees and building your company’s culture as a place of employee engagement and productivity? I work with small to medium size companies with limited budgets but unlimited desire to leverage employee wellness for optimum returns. I can help you customize an effec- tive strategy to meet your needs. See ad, page 21.


CHRISTIAN MICHAEL CURRENT Christian Current, BCST 5524 Bee Caves Rd, Ste G1 512-619-3103 •

Christian Current is a Ph.D. candidate at UT and teaches yoga, meditation and holistic health. In 2004, he adopt- ed Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy as his primary healing modality. Hav- ing trained with top educators Frank-

lin Sills and John Chitty, he utilizes Polarity Therapy and Counseling as a balance to touch therapy.


NATURE’S TREASURES 4103 N I-H 35 512-472-5015 •

Nature’s Treasures lives up to its name with treasures from around the world – from 350-million-year-old fossils to healing crystals, natural home and garden décor – to jewelry, and gifts ranging from $.50 to $125K. Nature’s

Treasures also houses a community event center with the perfect space for any need – meeting, workshop or fair. We have something for everyone!


Sherry Gingras 3700-1/2 Kerbey Ln 512-453-9090

Explore the wonderful world of rhythm and hand-drumming with one of Austin’s most loved and experi- enced instructors. Classes available on: djembe, djundun, balafon and didgeri- doo. Classes available for: kids, home- schoolers, adults, women and individu- als. Studio space available to rent for classes/workshops.


PURE SOUL ALCHEMY Gabriella Espinosa 3312 Doolin Dr 512-699-0369

Are you in the midst of challenging situations

that seem unsolvable?

Pure Soul Alchemy is a healing cata- lyst for liberated change. Holograph- ic Psychic Surgery to shift both your inner and outer world. This highly

transformative, vibrational energy work will un- wind, unblock and reconfigure your energy grid to get you right on track. See ad, page 14.


HEALTH MEND Valerie Chavez, MD 13740 N Hwy 183, Ste A4 512-541-6092

Dr. Chavez is passionate about finding and treating the root causes of hypo- thyroidism though functional medi- cine. Treatments are personalized for every patient and may include correct- ing adrenal fatigue, addressing gut mi-

crobiome disorders, and detoxification.


OAK HILL WELLNESS CLINIC 5920 W William Cannon Dr, Bldg 6, Ste 150 512-892-0030

Our primary care physicians are Board Certified in Pediatrics and In- ternal Medicine and are skilled in creating a personalized program to help you achieve the health and wellness you desire. Our practice of-

fers primary and preventive care including weight man- agement, insurance covered magnet therapy for depres- sion (TMS), intravenous therapy, allergy treatment and yoga therapy. See ad, page 24.

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