SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 savethedate

Austin Museum Day – This 19th annual event, is a free city-wide celebration of art, culture, history, music, nature, and science. More than thirty-fi ve museums in the greater Austin area will welcome visitors with special programming, including guided exhibition tours, hands-on ac- tivities and more, for visitors of all ages. Hours and locations vary.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 savethedate

Fall Pecan Street Festival – 9/23 & 9/24. Sat, 11am-10pm; Sun, 11am-8pm. This free, bi-annual juried music, arts and crafts festival held on historic Sixth Street. The show proudly features over 300 artisan vendors from all over the world who display and sell homemade arts and crafts work.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 savethedate

Calling in “The One” Course – 3-5pm. This eight-week Sun. course is for those who are ready to release toxic relational dynamics and become truly available to give and receive love. Group facilitated by a certifi ed Calling in “The One” coach. $297 for series. Private facility on Lake Travis. RSVP: Noelle Davis, 766-5329.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6 savethedate

Qi Revolution – 10/6-10/8. This 3-day event is designed to help unlock your healing power and create your best life. These teachings give you en- ergy using the most eff ective breathing techniques, Qigong and food-healing practices for a stronger body. Experience the energy like never before. Seating is limited. $149; veterans free. Denton, TX. Info: 800-298-8970.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 19 savethedate

Mosaic Workshop: Sacred Shrines – 10/19- 10/21. 10am-4pm. Create a beautiful mosaic Spirit House (3-day workshop) or Sacred Shrine (2-day workshop) under the instruction of visiting artist Susan Wechsler (MosaicsBySusan. com). Workshop includes instruction, substrates, adhesives, and grouting materials. Austin School of Mosaic Art, 1810 West Anderson Ln, Austin. RSVP:

grace daily

Aura Photography Readings – With our updated Aura Machine, you can see your chakra system and the colors of your aura. $15-$55. Nature’s Treasures, 4103 N IH-35. RSVP: 472-5015. Check website for hours:

Higher Brain Living Session – Take back your life from anxiety and depression! Rebuild; discover your joy and purpose again. Free. Awaken Austin, South Austin. Info: Stacey Lemire Martin, 769-4345. RSVP:

Introduction to Mosaics & Independent Study Classes – All levels welcome. See scheduled class times and pay by the hour. Austin School of Mosaic Art, 1810 W Anderson Ln. Schedule and pricing:

Free Life Mastery Focus Session – Want to know how to access the “untapped” potential of your higher brain for a more eff ective life? Call for your free initial consultation. Info: Sandra Vela, 956-351-0825.

Daily Practitioners – 11am-6pm. Daily in-store practitioners. For full practitioner and event calendar, visit our website. Price varies. Nature’s Treasures, 4103 N IH-35. Info: Foldade Speaks, 472-5015.

Eating Disorder Recovery Group – 6-7pm. This is an ED healing and action group. We focus on our strengths and achieving small goals each week. Free. Hope Presbyterian Church, 11512 Olson Dr. Info: Lindsay Ronga, 720-352-8468.


Ecstatic Dance Austin – 10am-12:30pm. A sacred journey of the heart through global and electronic dance music. Get great exercise, free your mind and body, and connect with your- self in a dynamic group setting. First dance is free. Dress to sweat. Eastside Austin Elite Fit- ness, 507 Calles St, Ste 112 (end of East 6th St).

Unity Church Austin – 11am. Inviting all faiths to Rev. Anna Shouse’s uplifting and inspirational sermons and teachings in the ways of Jesus. Adult Sunday school and breakfast at 9:30am; youth edu- cation at 11am. 5501 W Hwy 290. Info: 892-3000.


Real Love Meeting – 12:15-2:15pm. Learn how to take the simple and powerfully eff ective steps that lead to real love and happiness. Donation. Unity in the Heart of Austin, 2801 S IH-35 Front- age Rd, Ste 110. Info: 415-9075. Real-Love-Austin.

Freedom First Sundays – 4:30-6pm. 1st Sun. 100% of all donations benefit the Prison Yoga Program at Community Yoga Austin. 2525 W An- derson Ln, Ste 320. Info: 888-245-0726, ext 102, or

Donation-Based Bikram: Yoga is Medicine – 4:30-6pm. It is a great opportunity for new students to try a class and for you to give back and support a good cause, PURE Action. $10 minimum donation. 2525 W Anderson Ln, Ste 320. Info: 888-245-0726, ext 102 or

Thinkery (The New Austin Children’s Museum) Community Night – 5-6pm. Families welcome to discover new ideas and learn together, enjoying the exhibits and educational programs. Free. 1830 Simond Ave. 469-6200.

Free Union of Three Hearts Meditation – 5pm. This non-moving qigong practice trains the mind, which allows one to connect with Heaven, Earth and all of humanity. AOMA, 4701 W Gate Blvd. 492-3034.

Sheng Zhen Gong (Qigong) – 6:15pm. Involves gentle movement, breath, stillness that nurtures your awareness and a kind relationship with your body and self. Class focuses on quieting your mind, relaxing your body and soothing your heart. Donation.AOMA, 4701 W Gate Blvd. 492-3034.

Free Meditation Class – 7pm. Learn how to prac- tice meditation. Also learn about: the goal of medita- tion, your essence, how reincarnation works, lasting happiness and much more. 11200 Powder Mill Trail. 774-4964.

Insight Mindfulness Meditation – 7-8pm. At this Burmese monastery, instruction is given in vipassana insight meditation leading to nibbana (nirvana). Si- tagu Buddha Vihara, 9001 Honeycomb Dr. 750-9963.

Symphony in the Park – 7:30pm. From jazz and light classical to pops selections and fi lm scores. Concert- goers are encouraged to bring a picnic dinner and blanket and make it a group outing. Hartman Concert Park, 900 Barton Springs Rd.


Austin Organic Gardeners Club – 2nd Mon. 6:30 mingle; 7-9pm meeting. Speakers vary each month. Free. Zilker Botanical Garden Center, 2220 Barton Springs Rd.

Real Love Meeting – 6:30-8:30pm. Learn the prin- ciples that lead to happiness and loving relationships; identify behaviors that don’t. Donation. Unity in the Heart of Austin, 2801 S IH-35 Frontage Rd, Ste 110. Info: 415-9075.

Early Pregnancy Loss Group – 7-8:15pm. This group will be open to women and their partners experiencing early pregnancy loss up to 20 wks. Free. The Austin Center for Grief and Loss, 2413 Greenlawn Pkwy. Info: Jessica Owens, 472-7878.

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