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ORDER ASCA 2017 SESSION RECORDINGS Did you miss sessions that you wanted to attend at ASCA 2017 or did some- thing prevent you from attending ASCA’s annual meeting this year? Catch up on the educational content you missed by purchasing session record- ings from ASCA’s Learning Center.

KEEP YOUR ASC ON TRACK FOR SUCCESS WITH ASCA BENCHMARKING ASCA’s clinical and operational bench- marking program allows you to compare your ASC’s metrics with national per- formance statistics on clinical outcomes, staff indicators, billing performance and more. Not subscribed for 2017? You can still sign up, input your data for Q3 and Q4 and receive full-year reports based on the data others provided. benchmarking

Names in the News

Do you have a new hire? Did your company win an award? Or did your management change? You can highlight all your company announcements in the Names in the News section of the ASC Focus web site. This resource is available for free to both ASCA members and nonmembers.

ASCA members will need to be logged in and■

need to create a “Nonmember Guest Account” to access this free resource.

Please send your announcement to

nonmembers will

Visit the ASCA Recruitment Page for official rules and details at

Don’t miss out on this opportunity! This campaign ends SEPTEMBER 28TH, 2017

KEEP YOUR ASC COMPETITIVE WITH ASCA’s SALARY AND BENEFITS SURVEY ASCA’s Salary and Benefits Survey provides national, regional and state data on compensation packages for ASC employees to help you attract and retain the best staff. Results from the 2017 survey are now available. ASCs that completed 40 percent or more of the survey receive personal- ized results for free; results also are available for purchase for ASCs that did not participate.

SAVE THE DATE FOR ASCA 2018 ASCA’s next annual meeting will take place April 11–14, 2018, at the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts. We hope to see you there.

ASCA’S MEMBER REFERRAL PROGAM Word of mouth is a proven way to refer

membership to your peers. As an active member of ASCA, you know first-hand the value of membership. Help us inform your colleagues of the benefits of ASCA membership.

ASCA’s NEWEST PUBLICATION GEARED TOWARD PHYSICIANS Earlier this year, ASCA launched ASC Physician Focus, a free quarterly publi- cation for physicians who own and per- form procedures in ASCs. The newslet- ter provides news and analysis on ASC finance, future forecasting, legal con- cerns, industry trends, growth opportu- nities in the ASC marketplace and more.


Earn a $25 Gift Card

For every new member you refer to ASCA that joins through ASCA’s efforts you will receive a $25 gift card from ASCA. All we need from you is a name, ASC and email address.



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