Q Once implemented, would the OAS CAHPS survey replace

the current patient satisfaction survey used by ASCs?

A It is up to each ASC to determine if it will do both the OAS CAHPS

and another survey. Alternatively, an ASC could elect to add supplemental questions to the OAS CAHPS survey after the CMS-mandated questions. Per the OAS CAHPS Protocols and Guidelines Manual, ASCs that are administering other outpatient surveys must follow the guidelines below: ■■

ASCA Partners With SPH Analytics to Bring Discounted Survey Rates

After a comprehensive evaluation of survey providers for the new Outpatient and Ambulatory Surgery Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (OAS CAHPS) Survey, ASCA has formed an affinity partnership with SPH Analytics.

To further benefit our members, we have negotiated with this company to offer special discounted OAS CAHPS rates that include complete

survey administration, submission and innovative dashboard analytics. These rates are available to ASCA members only.

For each sample month, the survey vendor must select the OAS CAHPS Survey sample prior to selecting the samples for any other ASC survey.


The ASC cannot select the sam- ple

for the other facility survey.

The vendor must select the sample because the sample selection for OAS CAHPS cannot be disclosed to the facility. With regard to questionnaire con- tent of other outpatient surveys: ■■

In other surveys that an HOPD

or ASC conducts, the facility can include any of the OAS CAHPS questions or similar questions.


It can also include questions that ask for more in-depth information about OAS CAHPS issues.

Q Can the OAS CAHPS survey be administered via email

instead of mail and/or phone?

A No. Mail, telephone and mixed method/mode (mail and tele- phone) are the only approved methods at this time.

Patient Eligibility

Q Some ASCs have patients that visit the center twice within a short timeframe (one procedure on different dates of service). Does the patient need to receive a survey for both dates of service?

A The survey vendor will not select patients who have been surveyed

within the previous five months. For more information, visit

Q If personnel at the center cannot discuss the OAS

CAHPS survey with the patient, how can a patient choose to opt out prior to sending the file?

A CMS allows ASCs to inform patients about the survey, let

them know they may receive one and let them know why ASCs sur- vey patients (to obtain feedback about their patients’ experience so they can improve care). CMS does not allow ASCs to discuss the content of the sur- vey or in any way influence how the patient answers.

Q Please define “no publicity” for opt-out patients.

A If patients specifically state they do not want to receive a patient

experience survey, the facility should document this under ‘No Publicity’ in their Patient Accounting System. A “No Publicity patient” is a patient who requests at admission that the ASC (1) not reveal that he or she is a patient and/or (2) not survey him or her.

Vendor Questions

Q How soon after day of service does the

vendor contact the patient?

A CMS has specific guidelines for survey vendors to follow regard-

ing when surveys can be adminis-

tered to eligible patients. Data collec- tion must begin three weeks (21 days) after the close of the sample month.

Q How is the billing vendor involved

in the OAS CAHPS survey?

A The billing vendor is involved because reports that meet certain file specifications required by the sur- vey vendor must be run out of the bill- ing system. Those files contain lists of patients seen during the report period, and surveys are randomly adminis- tered to patients whose names are included in the file.

The file specifications are provided to the billing vendor, and the billing vendor builds a report that contains all the required elements. Once that report is compiled, a test file is sent to the survey vendor to determine if the report meets all the requirements.

What should I ask vendors before selecting one? ■■

ASCs will want to ask about the vendor’s pricing model. Informa- tion that ASCA has seen to date suggests that most vendors charge facilities

per completed survey,

but some could charge per survey sent out or telephone call made. ASCs should also ask if the vendor charges a set-up fee.


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