bubbly, chatty, funny and cheerful, think of some other way to sell your produce. Wear a different costume every week?

If you have an established clientele, a market may be a great way to introduce new products. Think about new varieties of your existing produce, perhaps early or late ripening cultivars that can extend your season. How about berries that no one has ever heard of? Oregon grape is an immune booster with activity similar to Echinacea. If you are doing value-added by processing, experiment with new products. How about a blueberry pizza topping or a raspberry ketchup?

The market is embracing a wide range of ethnic products right now. There has never been a better time to scale up your grandmother’s favourite condiment or preserve and introduce a unique product to the market. If your grandmother’s cooking sucks, create a new grandmother.

Oregon grape is actually a tart berry with medicinal properties.

your stall during their weekly visit to the farmers’ market. What can you do to separate yourself from the crowd? Do you have something unique to offer?

How about a weekly pamphlet with a new recipe and post the archives on your farm Facebook page? Do your customers look forward to the adventure of meeting you every week? What can you do to maintain novelty week after week? Your customers should go home and chat about you over dinner. “Guess what happened at the market today...” Direct marketing is not for the faint of heart. If you aren’t

Check out a few good ethnic restaurants. What are the sauces or condiments that set them apart from their

competitors? After all, all local vegetables are the same in dozens of restaurants but some presentations are far more tasty than others.

The bottom line is that your berries can contribute to a longer, healthier, sustainable life for your loyal customers. Your loyal customers can contribute to a longer, healthier, sustainable life for your farm business.

— Gary Strachan is a consultant to the grape and wine industries and a former scientist with the Summerland Research and Development Centre.



Phostrol is one of the highest concentrated phosphite fungicides available.

 Extremely systemic – Unique formulation  Direct and indirect effect on harmful oomycete diseases  Suppression of Root rot & Septoria leaf spot in Blueberries  Control of Leather rot in Strawberries


N GEAGRO Phostrol is a registered trademark of Engage Agro Corporation. British Columbia Berry Grower • Summer 2017 15

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