Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

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Hueppelsheuser reports that the most recent new agricultural pest to invade B.C. is the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, which was discovered last year in the Lower Mainland in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver and the Rosedale and Chilliwack areas in the Fraser Valley, but in urban residential areas in all sites.

It was first identified in Pennsylvania in 2001 and by 2010 it was estimated that crop losses were $37 million across the U.S. due to damage from the pest.

“Learning about any locations of BMSB in B.C. is our current focus. We expect that the bug will remain in urban areas for a few years, perhaps five or 10 years, before eventually becoming a crop pest.

“BMSB can feed on and damage many kinds of fruits and vegetables, as well as ornamentals, and can be a transient pest and move readily from one crop type to another,” she says. Surveillance for this pest gets underway in May, and growers are asked to keep alert for the bug and report captures to the ministry, or send photos to Hueppelsheuser at: There are similar-looking bugs, but you can learn more about it and view photos at: dustry/agriculture-seafood/animals- and-crops/plant-health/insects-and- plant-diseases/tree-fruits/brown- marmorated-stink-bug

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