An Armed Forces Covenant Champion

Spotlight on… Gill Angel, RAF Scampton

Gill Angel has been the Community Development Officer (CDO) at RAF Scampton for 12 years and has fully embraced the additional function of being the Station’s Covenant Champion.

We asked Gill to tell us alittle more about how she has made such asuccess of the role.

1. What is the general reaction from people when you mention the Covenant?

“What is that? What does that involve?” It is important that we relay how personnel and families can benefit from the Covenant. We have been extremely fortunate here at RAF Scampton to have secured asubstantial amount of funding through the AFCC therefore there is knowledge of what the Covenant can do.

2. Approximately how many people/families do you feel have been helped at Scampton by the Covenant?

The whole community –both service and civilian –have benefitted from the Covenant. Our Play Park, Skate Park, Community Gardens &Youth Club projects received funding – they are community projects that benefit us all. Anumber of families have also benefitted from advice in relation to education, employment and health issues.

3. What areas of your work are directly affected by the Covenant and have there been clear changes in the way you do things because of it?

Since being appointed the AFCC Champion on Station Imake sure that all the work Idounderpins the Covenant. It is important to give families the opportunity to ask questions in general, or about a specific issue that they may have.

4. How do you ensure you are fulfilling the promises of the Covenant in your role?

Imake sure that our Service personnel and families are kept fully aware. The AFC Snapshots are uploaded onto our MOSS site and our Service Families’ Facebook page; we introduce the Covenant and its role at our Arrivals Brief on Station. Iuse as many avenues as possible to improve awareness and understanding.

5. What do you think the most important part of being Scampton’s Covenant Champion is?

Ipersonally think that the CDOs are best placed to be the Champion on Station but Iamaware that this is not the case on all RAF Stations. The CDOs have had involvement with local AFCC Partnership Boards for years with some of us involved in the inception of these Boards. Through the annual Community Needs Analysis and the Community Support Action Plan, we know our community and we acknowledge the needs and gaps in provision.

Gill Angel.

6. What is the main message you feel is important to get to our personnel about the Covenant?

The Covenant is for everyone.

7. What is the main thing you want to tell our families about the Covenant?

It is not just afunding pot. There is alot more about the Covenant that can benefit everyone.

8. What is your main challenge of being Covenant champion at Scampton?

Raising awareness. Through working closely with Lisa Thipthorp from the RAF Families Federation, we are looking at how to get the message out to awider audience at RAF Scampton.

9. What advice would you give a new Covenant Champion as to how to get the most out of the Covenant?

Make contact with another Champion closer to you, contact the RAF Families Federation and local AFCC Partnership. Visit the AFCC Page on Air Command’s MOSS page to learn about what is going on and keep on getting that message out to all Service personnel and their families that the Covenant is there for everyone.

Information: Summer 2017 Envoy 29


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