need to retain some (how many) SFA? What will the mobility based allowance and geographic variation look like? How will dependant children be defined and supported? What extra leave and support will be available when Service Personnel are required to move? How will FAM link to the other People Programme change projects such as Future Engagement Systems (FES) and New Joiners’ Offer (NJO)? These are but afew of many more imponderables. Naturally when we are given more specific details we will let you know.

Compensation Anew compensation scheme came into effect from 1April 17 covering ‘missed appointments’ and problems at ‘Move-In’–check our website for details. We welcome this initiative because the issue of compensation has caused much frustration for families and we have been campaigning for such ascheme since the demise of the Modern Housing Solution contract. Families have told us that where things go wrong, particularly for missed appointments and failure to achieve the correct Move-In standards, it is they who bear the brunt of the fall-out. We believe that this scheme will go along way to redress these

problems and to encourage better working practices. However,itwill also mean that occupants will have to take greater responsibility for ensuring that they are available at the properly to allow the contractor entry for booked appointments and, at move-in, to make sure that the right standard has been achieved and to NOT be fobbed off with promises “that the problem will be fixed next week, so just sign here as accepting the property”.

CarillionAmey Judging by the cases Ideal with, the stats we receive from CarillionAmey and DIO coupled with the drop-off in adverse Facebook SFA activity,there is aconsensus that the delivery of service by CA is improving. CA is proud to announce that ‘Complaints are down and compliments are up in the South East’ and that will be awell-received turnaround in that region. We do acknowledge that this region did have particular challenges but it did take the intervention of the Hd DIO SD Accn, an MP and aconcerted effort by the Families Federations, SCSOs and Welfare Officers to bring about that change. Let’s now accept that any form of improvement must be welcomed.

Alesser known fact about CarillionAmey is their noble achievement in fundraising for SSAFAthe Armed Forces charity. They are extremely proud to be one of the largest corporate supporters of SSAFA. They are committed to raising £250,000 over five years of the partnership to help SSAFAprovide lifelong support for our Armed Forces and their families. The partnership is built on our long-standing support for military and ex-military service men and women and, through the enthusiasm of their employees taking part in fundraising activities and initiatives, they’ve already raised more than £150,000 for the charity.Onthe back of their partnership with Symphony Group, who supply the kitchen upgrades for Service Family Accommodation throughout the UK they recently presented acheque to SSAFAfor £13,710.

Finally Iurge you to continue to contact us on any SFAand Single Living Accommodation (SLA) issue that may be of concern toyou. And check out on our website the results of the RAF FF survey about serving personnel who live in. 

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