Why should YOU contact the Federation?

The RAF Families Federation is funded by the RAF but sits outside the Chain of Command as an independent organisation. We represent all RAF personnel –bethey Regular,Reserve, single, married or in apartnership, together with their families.

We provide avoice for the issues and concerns you have about life in the RAF,and we have direct access to senior RAF and MOD staffs as well as Government Ministers.

To do all this, we need to hear from you on issues such as quality of life, accommodation, health, education, pay and allowances Everyone’s views and concerns are important to us.

Keythings to remember: •Wework with the RAF/MOD and not against them

•Wedon’t undermine the chain of command; we work with them but will dig them in the ribs on your behalf when necessary

•Wewill signpost you to the ‘best’ experts to help you if required

•Wealways maintain your anonymity and respect your privacy

•Wealways maintain afair and balanced approach

Remember: If you don’t tell us, we can’t tell them.

FrontCaption: RAF Falcon Sgt Al Donald undertakes awinter training jump over Lake Elsinore Drop Zone, California. Cpl Neil Chapman (RAF)/MOD Crown Copyright.

Welcome from the


Iamoften approached by the many organisations and charities that are out there for you as Servicemen and women together with your families. It still amazes me how wide this network actually is and how many teams of people are out there and who work so hard to provide support. Ihope to continue to drip-feed what’s on offer through this magazine and if you know of any particular great shares, please do email me for afuture edition.

You’ll notice atheme in this issue with the RAF Falcons sharing their training news with us and some fantastically colourful imagery to thread through the magazine. Thank you to Flt Lt David Sellers for putting up with my,what feels like acontinual plea for news to share. Hopefully the Squadron will enjoy the publicity and Ihope too that Al, our ‘front cover man’coughs up on at least around of drinks for everyone.

Don’t forget too that Envoy is free for your family to subscribe to. If you are reading this in acoffee shop, waiting room or crew room –please take this copy home to your family for them to read. They can sign up online and have it posted home four times ayear.That includes too, your wider family (parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles). It’s our way of helping everyone feel involved.

Enjoy your read.

CONTACT Telephone: 01780 781650, email: or via the website

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