FEATURES Surveys –What’sthe Point? Surveys – What’s the Point?

Fed up with being asked to complete another survey about an aspect of Service life? Before you decide it’s not worth it and nothing ever comes of completing surveys, Air Cdre Harper offers acontrary view.

The RAF Strategy 2017 recognises that our highest priority is to ensure that we have the people we need; we must retain and recruit the right people with the right skills and ensure that they and their families feel fully part of the RAF.With this in mind, the RAF Families Federation plays an important role in helping me and my team deliver the people aspects of the RAF Strategy; their work is vital to ensure that you and me have a voice, be it through their online surveys, station visits, Families Days, or via contact with individuals online or by phone.

It is difficult to overstate how important it is for us to understand your needs and you would expect me to encourage you to take the time to take part in surveys and use the Families Federation to represent your views. Irecognise that there are many surveys around at the moment and that feedback can often be slow and change even slower.Sowhy bother? Whether we like it or not, silence is often seen as satisfaction or tacit agreement to a particular point of view.Wecannot give the impression that we are complacent or that we do not care about many of the issues that affect us all. In short, your opinion matters.

Of course, gathering the evidence is only the first step. It is what we do with that evidence that makes the difference. The link between Air Command staffs and the Families Federation is akey strength; by working together we continue to ensure that your voice is heard. It allows us to understand what you think about a particular issue and what you want.

It is what we do

with that evidence that makes the difference.

National Housing Prime contract is due in large part to evidence you provided.

It was also great to see that 2,323 of our personnel occupying Single Living Accommodation responded to the recent RAF FF survey.You’ll see an infographic on page 18 sharing asummary.Your evidence will be passed to RAF Community Support staff who requested that the Families Federation carry out asurvey of our ‘Living-in’personnel. This was in response to one element of the annual Armed Forces Covenant Report to government, focusing on Single Living Accommodation. We can better influence this report through strong well-founded insight and evidence and only you can provide this.

Working together produces results. We have seen successes in the Forces Help To Buy Scheme with over £38 million committed to around 2,500 RAF personnel; our influence under the Armed Forces Covenant umbrella has influenced mortgage lenders, mobile phone companies and other areas of industry to ensure that our personnel and their families are not disadvantaged as aresult of their military service. So, if you decided to give the latest survey amiss –please think again. Iknow that progress can often feel slow and Icannot promise to deliver everything you want. But, surveys are important and your views matter.

8 Envoy Summer 2017

Air Cdre Simon Harper.

Importantly,itallows us to make the case wherever and whenever we can in order to enhance the experience of the RAF Family and deliver the RAF Strategy.

For example, the work currently being undertaken by theMODand DIO to produce ascheme to compensate for poor performance under the

©MOD Crown Copyright 2017.

©MOD Crown Copyright 2017.

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