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In late 2015, I submitted an application for the Tom Kim- mel Memorial Scholarship through an article in Fabricare Canada. The scholarship gave me the opportunity to attend the three-week dry cleaning course at DLI. The first week was an ‘introductory course’. For the students who had no prior experience in the industry, there was nothing ‘introducto- ry’ about it. For others, it was confi rmation you were doing it right. I found it refreshing to share a few laughs about common experiences in this industry. The material cov- ered in the first week was a great way to start building a strong understanding of

how fibres, fabrics and stain removal work.

The real fun started after completing the fi rst week. The Advanced course extensively covers everything from care labels to designing your own plant. The entire three-week course is challenging and rewarding in all aspects. Another highlight of the course was the friendships I was able to make, from the instructors to my peers in the classroom – all of whom I intend to meet at the next Clean Show in Las Vegas! The course provided at DLI gave me a new outlook on the industry and supplied me with the tools and confi dence to move forward in this industry. n

Editor’s note: Our 2017 scholarship recipient is Marie-Ève Bédard. See the cover story for background about her. You can submit an application to us at any time for consideration as a scholarship winner. You must be 18 or older, speak English, have worked in the dry cleaning industry for at least a year, and be able to be away for three weeks. Scholarship covers tuition. Other costs are recipient’s responsibility. Submissions to


DEXTER LAUNDRY, INC. has appointed Andy Kretz as President and COO of Dex- ter Apache Holdings, Inc. Craig Kirchner is now Presi- dent of Dexter Laundry, Inc.

Andy Kretz

LAUNDRYLUX recently hired Robert Tudisco as its Vice-President of Technical Care and Training.

Robert Tudisco

PARATHERM announc- es that Edward Delate has assumed the role of business director, following the retire- ment of general manager George Schreiber.


L. Ross Beard, CEO and President of R.R. Street & Co., passed away on April 20 after a sudden illness. He was a leader in many industry innovations and legislative initia- tives. He is survived by his wife, four children and seven grandchildren.

Craig Kirchner

Edward Delate



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