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Cramer’s improved anti-static belting

Cramer Company recently sourced upgraded 100% cotton belting, equivalent to European OEMs. The blue striped cotton belt will be priced slightly more than domestic standard belting. The yellow/grey/white striped anti-static belting is now heat- set to 400°F and finished with a better hand. Cramer Company is

able to offer the improved anti-static belting at standard pricing. Both new products are in stock for immediate shipping or preparation. For more details, go to www.

Budget finishing press for On-Premise Laundries

This rotary steam press by Verve can finish bedding, tablecloths and even shirts and pants for a modest invest- ment of $2,499. Unit has three steam settings for a variety of fabrics, variable speed control, open-end roller, five temper- ature settings and a foot pedal for control and safety. Requires 120V and folds in half for easy storage in small space or clos- et. For more information, go to


A spring-loaded platform auto- matically rises as goods are removed to help ensure work is properly positioned at a com- fortable working height. Unit is designed to support work safety and minimize the poten- tial for workers’ compensation claims. The entire spring plat- form unit is safely hidden inside the cart bottom, away from contact with workers and linen, and may be easily removed without tools.

For more information,

call 800-829-4535 or visit


Automated Packaging Systems and its newly acquired Ergocon Solutions introduce a pack- aging system that feeds laundered items from a large bin to a pick conveyor for separation and easy inspection. Then through a counting eye and delivered to an open bag. When pre-determined count is reached, bag is automatically sealed and dropped into a takeaway conveyor for distribution. For more information, go to


MuseumCare™ Preservations

1-800-501-5005 22 FABRICARE CANADA May/June 2016

A cooperative providing marketing, purchasing and advertising support, as well as technical assistance.

Some Canadian Territories Open.

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