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Curious about SDSs?

New Safety Data Sheets have replaced the former Material Safety Data Sheets, which were in use in the fabricare field for many years. Tobi Colbert, business development manager for National Service Alliance, answers some of the most frequently asked questions.


To make information on chemicals, product labels and warning labels consistent around the world.

ARE THEY ON EVERY SOLUTION? They are on any product classifi ed as ‘potentially haz- ardous’ and intended for use, handling or storage in a workplace.

WHAT INFORMATION IS ON THE SDS? The most information includes the identifi cation of the manufacturer; hazard classification; ingredient infor- mation; fi rst aid measures if needed; fi re extinguishing measures; personal precautions when using; handling and storage; and physical properties, such as the tem- perature at which the product would catch fi re.

DO THEY LOOK DIFFERENT FROM THE MSDSs? One of the key differences is that there are lots of picto- grams, designed to convey messages and replace words.

Automated Packaging Sys- tems, a world leader in bagging systems, announced the acqui- sition of Ergocon Solutions, provider of ergonomic textile packaging solutions. Ergocon is an innovator in designing and manufacturing automated tex- tile inspection and packaging systems for professional laun- dry applications that include bar, shop, utility and microfi bre towels, plus washcloths, pillow slips, gloves, mops and more. Automated Packaging Sys-

tems will continue to support existing Ergocon custom- ers with full access to techni- cal support, customer service, spare parts, and bag packaging materials. Automated Packag- ing Systems has been designing and manufacturing original sys- tems and products for over 50 years, with more than 30,000 packaging systems in operation and a worldwide service organ - ization. For more information:


10th ANNIVERSARY This provider of textile restor- ation services hosted almost 100 franchise owners, man- agers, sales representatives and industry guests at its cele- bration of 10 successful years. It highlighted the technical innovations with which it has equipped its franchisees. These include FRSTrack, a cloud-based photo inventory system that provides a detailed catalogue and cost valuation of all items being processed for restoration. The organiza- tion has provided restoration services to more than 97,000 homeowners.

Franchisee awards were pre- sented at the Napa, California retreat/celebration. Among them was the award of Top Sales Growth Percentage to the FRSTeam of Central Ontario, in Toronto, Ont. This company holds the master franchise for Canada and is interested in contacting textile care organiz- ations in major Canadian cities to fi ll open territories.

For more information visit

Health care laundries warned about using carts for both soiled and clean

Although large health care laundries in Canada are meticulous about never placing clean linen in carts that have not been ster- ilized since they held soiled work, some smaller nursing homes and care facilities with on-premise laundries may ignore this practice.

The Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council points out there is “legitimate and increasing concern about this wide- spread and unsafe industry practice, which can present numerous oppor tunities for contamination of textiles.” If budget restraints demand that the same carts must carry both soiled and clean linen, they must be sanitized between uses.

Harco wins Maytag Red Carpet Service Award again! Shown here at Maytag’s 57th Annual Meeting, held in Bonita Springs, Fla.: (left to right) Chad Lange, Robert Stevens, Randy Ryan, Robert Small, Malcolm Caldwell, Steve Parks and Robert Jackson.


VEIT DEBUTS UNIQUE RENTAL SYSTEM At its booth at TEXCARE 16 in Frankfurt (Germany), Veit, a major supplier of fi nishing equipment, introduced a unique system for renting its equipment. Called Pay Per Piece, the system lets cus- tomers pay only for how much they actually use the equipment. For the number of shirts processed each month, the company will charge 19 cents (US), which provides for the rental, servicing and maintenance of the machine.

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