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PULSE Dover Sea Sports The schools’ view (Priory Fields, Dover)

1. Why did your school choose to experience Dover Sea Sports?

Wanting to provide our children with an enriching, exciting outdoor adventurous activity, we decided to give them the opportunity to sail, as we live in a seaside town. Luckily we have an extremely good provider very locally in the Dover Sea Sports centre.

2. How did the children take to it?

Most were very keen and excited to participate, showing very good progression of skills over the three session course. A few were very nervous and remained so for the duration.

3. Was it difficult for them to pick up?

A lot of the children surprised me with their natural understanding of what to do and when. All of them (with the exception of a couple of refusers) acquired the skills needed.

4. Were you not worried about taking young children out on the water?

Yes, I worried about it though the Dover Sea Sport staff where very quick to respond to the children when needed. As a non-expert and therefore unable to be very involved, I felt rather helpless when watching my class a good distance away and then occasionally capsizing.

The children had been taught what to do in that situation but some of them still panicked until being assisted by an adult. For some, this was off- putting. For most, they took it in their stride and accepted it as part of the sailing experience.

5. Do the kids enjoy it?

Yes. Many, when talking about their memories and best moments in Primary school, talked about their sailing experience as the thing that will stay with them. Unfortunately, it is quite an expensive hobby and our children do not tend to pursue it further.

6. If another school asked

you about Dover Sea Sports and why they should try it, what would you say?

It provides the children with an experience and memories that will stay with them for life. They gain skills, confidence, pleasure and a real sense of achievement in trying and succeeding in something challenging. The staff at the Dover Sea Sport centre are knowledgeable and very approachable, teaching the necessary skills with a lot of patience.

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