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England Athletics’ “Run, Jump, Throw: Teaching Primary Schools Athletics” By Tim Sells (Primary School Sport Lead, Kent Sport)

One of the most common questions I am asked through my role as the Primary School Sport Lead at Kent Sport is “Can you recommend any schemes of work?” I have also been asked if I could find and cover sport specific resources within Pulse magazine. So, as a man of the people, I have decided to answer these questions by reviewing a different resource in each edition of Pulse moving forwards.

For my first review I am going to cover England Athletics’ “Run, Jump, Throw”. The resource has been designed to place running, jumping and throwing at the heart of school PE and to support teachers in delivering athletic activities in an inclusive, exciting and engaging manner.

“Run, Jump, Throw” has been designed to embrace children’s natural desire to move. The resource focuses upon running, jumping and throwing as the building blocks of athletics, which in turn underpin nearly all other sports and physical activities. Within this resource teachers will find three teaching sections covering the main stages of development:

Ages 5 - 7 Years Ages 7 - 9 Years Ages 9 - 12 Years

Each of the three sections contains:

Two examples of Schemes of Work Two blocks of six-week Lesson Plans

Over 20 Activity Cards covering progressions of running, jumping and throwing activities.

In addition teachers will also find information on how to measure a pupil’s progression and improvement and a series of support cards (including Pupil Cards, Top Tip Inclusion Cards, Team Relays and Timed Runs information cards).

So, what is it like?

I was recommended this resource by Matthew Light (Senior Lecturer and Programme Director for BA (Hons) PE School of Education Services, Canterbury Christ Church University) and I must say I wasn’t disappointed. It is extremely easy to follow and gives you everything you need to deliver age appropriate PE lessons in a very ‘easy-to-follow’ format. It is clear, progressive and provides inclusive activities for all children and for varying abilities.

A crucial factor that sets this resource apart is the cost. Looking at the resource I pictured a cost of at least £50 and was genuinely shocked when I was told it was only £20!! This really does represent great value when you notice the quality and the amount of

In addition to being a great resource, England Athletics deliver a practical course which aims to give teachers and others working in schools the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to deliver enjoyable and engaging lessons that focus on encouraging maximum participation and increasing understanding, skill acquisition, fitness and enjoyment of children. The courses are based on the NEW Teaching Primary Schools Athletics resource and demonstrate teaching progression across primary school age groups in both generic and athletics specific running, jumping and throwing activities. The course is mainly practical in nature and can be delivered over either four or six hours, to a maximum of 24 participants. The course can also be delivered in whole, over one day or over two twilight sessions.

information contained within it and certainly shouldn’t be dismissed as ‘too cheap to be any good’.

Overall I give England Athletics’ “Run, Jump, Throw” a resounding 9/10 and highly recommend it for all primary schools.

If you would like more information about the course or would like to book a place please contact Tim Sells on 03000 413330 or email

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