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• What percentage of the total is made up of each of the dry ingredients? [carrots – 27.17%, sugar – 21.74%, margarine – 16.3%, flour – 21.74%, sultanas – 13%]

• As a check, remind them that the total should add up to 100%, depending on how they have rounded the decimal points up or down.


ENGLAND Use, read, write and convert between standard units, converting measurements of mass from a smaller unit of measure to a larger unit and vice versa.

SCOTLAND Use the common units of measure, convert between related units of the metric system and carry out calculations when solving problems.

WALES Understand the relationships between units, and convert one metric unit to another.

NORTHERN IRELAND Understand the relationship between units and convert one metric unit to another.

Write each of the ingredients out in kilograms or litres, using decimal notation. Answers are shown in brackets. • 125g carrots [0.125kg] • 100g sugar [0.1kg] • 75g margarine [0.075kg] • 100g flour [0.1kg] • 1 x 5ml cinnamon [0.005l] • 1 x 5ml baking powder [0.005l] • 60g sultanas [0.06kg]

Repeat this for making 60 cakes {the first answer in each set of brackets), then 30 cakes (the second answer in the brackets).

• 125g carrots [1.25kg, 0.25kg] • 100g sugar [1kg, 0.5kg] • 75g margarine [0.75kg, 0.375kg] • 100g flour [1kg, 0.5kg] • 1 x 5ml cinnamon [0.05l, 0.025l] • 1 x 5ml baking powder [0.05l, 0.025l] • 60g sultanas [0.6kg, 0.3kg]

Living Things and their Habitats SCIENCE

ENGLAND Give reasons for classifying plants, based on specific characteristics.

WALES Variation within species can lead to evolutionary changes and similarities and differences between species can be measured and classified.

NORTHERN IRELAND looking closely at similarities, differences, patterns and change.

• Take the ingredients in the carrot cakes and ask the children to work out a classification system to determine which category each of the ingredients belongs to.


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