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Ballet Ensemble of Texas (Coppell, TX) Bell House Arts, Inc. (Owasso, OK)

Booker T. Washington High School for Performing and Visual Arts (BTWHSPVA) Repertory Dance Company I (Dallas, TX)

Booker T. Washington High School for Performing and

Visual Arts (BTWHSPVA) Repertory Dance Company II (Dallas, TX)

Bruce Wood Dance Project (Dallas, TX)

Chamberlain Performing Arts (Plano, TX) Dallas Black Dance Theatre (Dallas, TX) Dallas Black Dance Theatre II (Dallas, TX) Dark Circles Contemporary Dance (Dallas, TX)

Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blues Dancers (Irving, TX) AJ Garcia-Rameau (Austin, TX)

Houston Repertory Dance Ensemble (Houston, TX) METdance (Houston, TX)

Mosaic Dance Project of Dallas (Dallas, TX) NobleMotion Dance (Houston, TX)

Natyananda: Joy of Dance (Birmingham, AL) LaQuet Sharnell Pringle (Austin, TX) Rhythmic Souls (Dallas, TX)

Southern Methodist University Meadows Dance Ensemble (Dallas, TX)

Texas Ballet Theater School (Fort Worth, TX) Pictured: AJ Garcia-Rameau in “Inevitable Displacement. Photo: Kevin Bussey

MosaicDanceProjectofDallas (Dallas, TX) –Createdin2014 by GiovannaGodinezPrado,MosaicDanceProject’smissionis to create, educate andinspire individuals thatdesire to grownot only asdancers, but as artists aswell, alongwithour cultural andethical awareness and values.

Natyananda: JoyofDance(Birmingham,AL) –Foundedin1978 by SheilaRubin,Natyanandaperformsbothtraditional andoriginal choreo- graphicworks inthe classicalBharatanatyamstyle ofSouthernIndia. Throughstudent,professional andguest artistpresentationsNatyananda promotesunderstanding ofuniversal artistic andcultural themeswhile showcasing the richanduniqueheritage ofAlabama’sAsianIndian- Americancommunity.

NobleMotionDance(Houston, TX) –NMDwas co-foundedbyAndy Noble andDionneSparkmanNoble in2009.Over the last five years ithas distinguisheditself as one ofHouston’smost importantdance compa- nies.NMDbrings a freshperspective to their communitywithitsmission of integrating technology anddance, andis aResident Incubator at the HoustonArtsAlliance andis currently onthe TexasCommissiononthe Arts (TCA) touring roster.

LaQuetSharnelPringleDDF2015 commissionedpremiere (Austin, TX) –ABooker T.WashingtonHSPVAalum,Pringle attendedtheNorth CarolinaSchool of theArtsbeforemakingherBroadwaydebut in2005 in SweetCharitywithChristinaApplegate andDennisO’Hare.Shehas also performedinproductions of TheLionKing andMemphis.Pringle is the artisticdirector andfounder ofFearlessYoungArtists (FYA) andwas the headliner ofDance Planet 19.

Continued on page 20. DANCE!NORTHTEXAS a publication of the dance council of north texas vol 18 • no 3 Aug-Oct 2015 page 19

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