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Available Sizes

Awnings generally are not available in extremely large widths for safety reasons; however you will need to establish the size you require in order to discover if an awning is big enough for your needs.

Our commercial awnings are available up to 7 metres wide, with a maximum projection of 4m when fully opened, enabling them to cover fairly large areas whilst still conforming to safety regulations. We can extend the maximum width by installing two-piece systems to create a much larger width of 12m!

If you wish to offer sun protection along the length of your building, more than one awning can be installed, however there will be gaps between the awnings that will let the sun through, providing you with almost all-inclusive sun protection.

Manual or Electric Operation

You will find that the awnings currently on the market today will either offer manual operation, via a hand crank, or electronic operation with a remote control.

Listed below are the main pros and cons of manual and electric awnings to help you choose which function would be best for you.

Manually Operated Awnings Pros:

 

Electrical installation is not required, resulting in a quicker installation

As an electrical supply is not required, you are not as restricted as to where your awning can be installed 

More cost effective than an electrical awning 


Operating the awning is less convenient 

Electronically Operated Awnings Pros:

Easier to open and close the awning with just the press of a button 

The awning can be operated whilst indoors 


The remote control can go astray if not kept in the same place or if there are multiple users 

You will be restricted to where your awning can be installed as an electrical supply will be required within close proximity to the awning 

Electrical installation is required, resulting in a lengthier installation time 

The awning will not operate during power cuts unless you have a backup electrical supply.

Much more convenient and possibly quicker than manual operation 

Ideal for public and educational environments as the remote control can be kept somewhere safe to avoid children opening and closing the awning.

Electrical faults and power cuts will not put the awning out of use 

The hand crank may be accessible all persons on site which may pose a tamper risk 

The hand crank is visible when the awning is both open and closed.

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