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Awnings for Healthcare

A much needed facility, that may be overlooked within care homes and hospitals, is an outside shelter structure to provide shade to residents and patients. Creating an accessible, comfortable and relaxing outside area is important, the outdoors can offer a wealth of benefits to those who can no longer pop here and there as and when desired, and those who are unable to leave hospital grounds.

A relaxing outside area can offer residents and patients freedom; whether it is allowing them to pursue an outdoors hobby or enabling them to simply sit outside and enjoy the fresh air and a quiet, calm environment.

It is therefore important to make sure you include a sun shade structure in your communal garden design as residents and patients need protection from the sun whilst enjoying the outdoors. Awnings are the perfect solution for this, they provide high protection from the sun's UV rays, and help to lower the risk of sunburn and heat stroke.

Awnings can provide a cool & shaded area when it is too hot outside and too stuffy inside. And if installed in front of a window, an awning can also block the sun from shining into the building, therefore decreasing the heat inside. Sun cover is important for patient's and residents as their skin and eyes can be sensitive to the sun and instead of restricting them to the indoors you will be able to allow them to enjoy the outdoors with everyone else without jeopardising their health.

As an added extra, if you do not have a large outside area or do not want a permanent structure, then an awning would be the ideal shade solution as it can be opened and closed when needed by the push of a button and is post-free, so it won't restrict the use of the area.

Case Study: Croydon University Hospital

The Dolphin (Children's) Unit at Croydon University Hospital in Surrey required a cost effective shelter structure to provide shade to their outdoor play area. They wanted to create a shaded area so that their young patients, including those unable to leave their beds, could still enjoy the benefits of socialising and playing outside whilst enjoying some fresh air and gaining some freedom.

We installed a commercial awning to make it easier for staff to wheel patients that are unable to leave their beds underneath the awning without any canopy posts getting in the way.

Here's what Victoria Hill, Senior Play Assistant at Croydon University Hospital said about their new awning:

“Delighted to have the canopy. It will be perfect for the children playing outside when the weather is hot. It will be wonderful not having to move the sand and water tray to shaded areas in the play area to keep them from getting too hot (the children!). Parents can spend more time with their children knowing they can sit in the shade watching them play quite happily. Ideal for children on traction (not able to get off beds), they can be transported on their beds outside under the shade – perfect!! Many thanks.”

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